Russian attack on Ukraine.  Military intelligence confirms reports of skirmishes on Russian territory

Skirmishes took place between Russian and Ukrainian forces on Sunday in the Belgorod region, located in western Russia. This information was confirmed by the Ukrainian Military Intelligence (HUR).

“An attack by opponents of the Kremlin regime in the Belgorod region led to the destruction of a Russian army position,” HUR reported on its Telegram channel. The statement added, “The unexpected attack on the positions of military units affiliated with Russian terrorism caused a state of panic among the soldiers of the local garrison.” HUR also wrote that the Russian army fired indiscriminately into nearby villages.

Ukrainian military intelligence did not identify the forces that attacked Russian positions in Russia itself. Earlier on Sunday, there were reports of fighting breaking out in the village of Tereprino, near the border with Ukraine. Russian authorities confirmed this information.

Ukrainian soldiers in a trench on the front line towards KubyanskÖzge Elif Kızıl/Abaca/Bab

So far, the Russian Volunteer Corps and the Freedom Corps of Russia, Russian forces fighting alongside Ukraine, have claimed responsibility for military operations carried out on the Russian side of the border, the Meduza website, independent of the Kremlin, reported. Including Belgorod region. So far, there is no information on the social media sites of these formations about the clashes that took place on Sunday, so it is not clear which forces clashed with the Russian army there.

Ukrainian website Hromadske also reported that HUR was behind Sunday’s attacks carried out using drones on targets in Russia’s Lipetsk and Volgograd regions. This information was obtained from a source who requested anonymity. The Ukrainian authorities have not yet claimed responsibility for these attacks. However, it was reported by the Russian Defense Ministry, which stated that on the night of Saturday to Sunday, it shot down 35 Ukrainian drones over the territory of Lipetsk, Rostov and Volgograd oblasts.

Main image source: Özge Elif Kızıl/Abaca/Bab

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