Former Russian commander: Ukrainian forces close our front.  Our forces are retreating without a fight |  world News

“Ukrainian Armed Forces continue to ‘roll our front’ along the Oskol Reservoir towards Swato,” Igor Girkin wrote in his Telegram channel on Monday.

“Information has been received that the enemy is occupying today the settlement of Borwa municipality and the village of Szyjkovka. [obwód charkowski – red.]. Our troops withdraw without a fight, due to the inability to effectively defend this vast forested area with the available forces ”- added the Russian officer.

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Jerkin recalls that in July and August he wrote “Let’s Wait for October.”

This is exactly what I meant. Here’s what will happen in October. Lost months – non-refundable. A few more weeks will pass, during which we will only be able to defend ourselves and “squeeze” in the areas under control, while the reserves that are currently being accumulated (as part of the mobilization) will not be ready for use.

– We read in the officer’s entry.

He concluded by saying: “God forbid, the enemy will not fully realize the great advantage that he enjoys now.”

He started the war in Donbass, now he declares the Russian offensive failed

In 2014, Igor Girkin was the leader of the pro-Russian separatists in Donetsk, as well as the so-called Minister of Defense Donetsk People’s Republic. Three years ago, the Dutch Prosecutor’s Office indicted him for bringing him down airplane Malaysia Airlines.

Girkin is considered a critic of many of the Kremlin’s decisions, although at the same time he supported, among other things, complete mobilization in Russia and called for the use of nuclear weapons in Ukraine.

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Belgrade. Protests in support of Ukraine after Putin announced the annexation of some Ukrainian lands

The war in Ukraine

Meanwhile, the Ukrainian army continues its military operations near Zeman. Lyman, which had a population of 20,000 before the war, was liberated from Russian occupation. The battles for the city lasted several days. According to Serhiy Sherivatyg, a spokesman for the command of the eastern grouping of the Ukrainian Armed Forces, the Ukrainians are achieving more success as part of the offensive near Lyman.

As he confirms, Ukrainian forces liberated the village of Torsk located on it road To the town of Kremena. Ukrainian artillery also fires at the Russians who are trying to fortify themselves in Kremena and build a line of defense there.

Changes in the leadership of the Russian armyChanges in the Russian army. Vladimir Putin sacked the leader

According to the Ukrainian army, successes in this direction will open the way for the liberation of part of Luhansk Oblast. As he explains, if the Ukrainians manage to capture Kreminna, they will be able to go to Rubiżne, Swatow and further liberate the Luhansk region with Severodonetsk and Lisiczański.

Ukrainians also recently liberated several towns in the Kherson region in the south of the country. At the same time, Russian attacks on Bakhmut and Avdiivka in the Donetsk region continue their attempts to attack.


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