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The Danish qualifiers for the IMEJ and IMWJ championships were held on Monday at the Fjelsted track. The championship was very equal, and the fate of the promotion places was decided by additional races.

The top four players from the tournament in Fjelsted were due to receive passes for the SGP2 and IMEJ international qualifiers.

Three additional races had to decide who would be in this group. This is a result of the fact that up to six competitors received eleven points each after twenty races.

Ron Thorst and Nikolai Heiselberg quickly lost their promotion hopes, as they finished third in the 21st and 22nd races, and the zero next to William Dreger's name meant that he could also forget about participating in the European and World Championships.

Thirteen points from Mikel Andersen allowed the young player from the club Vojens to victory.

Registration (via: DMU RS):
1. Mikkel Andersen (Vogenes) – 13 (3,2,2,3,3)
2. Nagel Villas (Glomsoy) – 11+2+3 (1,3,3,2,2)
3. Bastian Pedersen (Holstead) 11+2+2 (2,2,3,2,2)
4. Jesper Knudsen (Fugens) – 11+3+1 (2,2,1,3,3)

5. William Dreger (Slanggroup) – 11+3+0 (3,2,2,3,1)
6. Nikolai Heiselberg (Otrup) – 11+1 (0,3,3,2,3)
7. Ron Thorst (Glomus) – 11+1 (3,3,3,1,1)
8. Sebastian Mayland (Glomsoy) – 9 (2,3,0,1,3)
9. Niklas Jacobsen (Esbjerg) – 8 (2,1,2,1,2)
10. Rasmus Pedersen (Felsted) 7 (3,1,0,3,0)
11. Patrick Kroos (Glumso) – 5 (1,1,1,0,2)
12. Viktor Larsen (Esbjerg) – 4 (0,0,1,2,1)
13. Thomas Kring (Holstead) – 3 (1,s,1,1,0)
14. Andreas Olsen (Esbjerg) – 2 (0,0,2,0,0)
15. Emil Ace (Frederica) – 2 (0,1,0,0,1)
16. Jacob Burke (Holstebro) – 1 (1,0,0,0,0)
17. Hgalat Nygard (Holstebro) – N.S

Run by running:
1. Dreger, Knudsen, Kring, Larsen
2. R. Pedersen, Mayland, Kroes, Olsen
3. Andersen, Jacobsen, Burke, Es
4. Thorst, B. Pedersen, Nagel, Heiselberg
5. Nagel, Andersen, Kroes, Kring (w)
6. Heiselberg, Dreger, Jacobsen, Olsen
7. Thorst, Knudsen, R. Pedersen, Burke
8. Mayland, B. Pedersen, Es, Larsen
9. Pedersen, Olsen, Kring, Burke
10. Thorst, Dreger, Croce, Es
11. Heiselberg, Andersen, Knudsen, Mayland
12. Nagel, Jacobsen, Larsen, R. Pedersen
13. R. Pedersen, Heiselberg, Kring, Es
14. Dreger, Nagel, Mayland, Burke
15. Knudsen, B. Pedersen, Jacobsen, Kroes
16. Andersen, Larsen, Thorst, Olsen
17. Mayland, Jacobsen, Thorst, Kring
18. Andersen, b. Pedersen, Dreger, R. Pedersen
19. Knudsen, Nagel, Es, Olsen
20. Heiselberg, Kroes, Larsen, Burke

Additional temperatures for places 2-6:
21. Dreger, B. Pedersen, Thorst
22. Knudsen, Nagel, Heiselberg
23. Nagel, B. Pedersen, Knudsen, Dreger

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