October 7, 2022


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The war in Ukraine.  Missile attack on Odessa.  They say I'm trying to carry out a crazy plan |  News from the world

The war in Ukraine. Missile attack on Odessa. They say I’m trying to carry out a crazy plan | News from the world

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Mariupol – a city in ruins

Ukrainian army It was reported that two missiles hit a military facility, while two other missiles hit residential buildings. Two missiles succeeded in bringing down the anti-aircraft defense. The chief of staff of the President, Andrei Ermak, said that five people were killed and 18 wounded in the missile attack on Odessa. Among the dead was a three-month-old baby. “The number of casualties is likely to rise,” said the Ukrainian president’s chief of staff.

“A Russian missile just hit Odessa. It looks like they’re trying to carry out this crazy plan to create a corridor to Transnistria.” To protect Russian speakers. Imagine the feelings of Russian-speaking Odessa residents who lost their homes in this missile strike,” wrote Inna Sovson, deputy councilor on Twitter Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine.

“The only target of the Russian missile attacks on Odessa is terrorism. Russia must be treated properly. No work, no communications, no cultural projects. We need a wall between civilization and barbarians attacking peaceful cities with missiles” – emphasized Dmytro Kuleba, President of Ukrainian Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Odessa authorities are urging residents to seek asylum. They also ask you not to post any videos or photos.

Russia has chosen the “liberation of Transnistria” as its goal. The reaction of the government of Moldova

What is happening in Ukraine? Fire in Azovstal factories

Russian forces are shooting at steel mills again Azovstal in Mariupol. There the Ukrainian soldiers took refuge to defend the city. It is not yet known whether some civilians will be able to evacuate the besieged city today.

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“In Mariupol, the enemy is still besieging our units near Azovstal. It is also bombarding the city, using also Planes Long range ”- says the spokesman for the Ukrainian Armed Forces Oleksandr Stubun.

Current information on the main page of Gazeta.pl

Previously Vladimir Putin The army ordered the complete closure of Mariupol to prevent the escape of both soldiers and about a thousand civilians who took refuge in the basement of the factory. Meanwhile, at noon, the evacuation of civilians from other parts of Mariupol captured by the Russians was to begin. It is estimated that there are approximately 100,000 Ukrainians in the city.

Mariupol became one of the symbols of this war. For Russians, it is a major city in southern Ukraine. The two-month bombing meant that 90 percent of the buildings no longer existed.

Ukrainian woman detained.The interview Ukrainian woman was detained. The woman was relaying information to Russia