Morawiecki: More reports are coming in about a possible Russian attack on Ukraine

At the press conference following the end of the EU summit, the head of government emphasized that in November last year there was no awareness of the dangers arising from outside our eastern borders among the leaders of the European Union.

– For several months now, we have been aggressively raising this issue and alerting our partners in the European Union. Today, this awareness is on the side of both the European Commission and our key partners, Morawiecki said.

He added that these challenges were discussed among others with German Chancellor Olaf Schulz, French President Emmanuel Macron, European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen and European Council President Charles Michel.

– This is a great challenge, because today we are receiving new reports about the attack that is likely to occur in the coming days or in the coming weeks – Moraviki emphasized.

He said that he had raised in the European Council forum and in bilateral talks the need to prepare a package of sanctions in advance, which would be strict and decisive, so that the response of the West would be very strong. – I can say that we are slowly achieving this goal – said the Prime Minister.

I can also summarize many of my conversations here that have attempted to awaken our partners from this geopolitical slumber in which they have found themselves in recent years, perhaps even in recent decades. Certainly today is a very difficult time and we must realize that for some countries war has once again become an extension of politics. War becomes a viable option, and one of these countries, unfortunately, is Russia. We must discourage her from doing so, Murawiki emphasized.

At the conference, Morawiecki also spoke about his proposals regarding the possibility of purchasing carbon dioxide emission allowances in the ETS. According to the Polish Prime Minister, this mechanism is built on speculative assumptions and therefore poses a significant risk to the functioning of the entire market. Leyen proposed excluding all financial and non-industrial institutions from the possibility of purchasing CO2 emissions allowances in ETS.

As he mentioned, he got the impression that the reaction to his words was “a little different than it was a few months ago”. – For my part, we not only give up on these points with regard to the costs of CO2 emissions allowances, but we show their highly disruptive nature. The Polish prime minister said that the character greatly spoils the original idea. “I am waiting for more serious action from Brussels,” he added.

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