2022-05-01 06:00

2022-05-01 06:00

The Russians avoid film sanctions.
Photo: DC Comics / DC Entertainment / Warner Bros. / / press material

The film industry imposed its sanctions on Russia after its attack on Ukraine. The industry has stopped sending its latest productions to movie theaters there. As it turns out, the Russians can still access the latest “Batman” with Robert Pattinson. They pulled him out of the torrents.

Big players such as Disney, Warner Brothers, Universal, Paramount and Sony have made the decision not to ship their products to Russia. Union citizens are also unable to watch Netflix productions. No wonder cinemas faced a huge dilemma: either play highly patriotic family productions, or save themselves with Bollywood films (in the latter case, they are intended for fans of the genre and not for ordinary fans of pop culture). The empty seats in the audience prompted the owners to appeal to the Kremlin to end the war in March. As you know, it was of no use.

Russian Websites ReportCinemas have found a solution. They started stealing torrent movies, illegally dubbing them and releasing them as “primes”. The first fire was “Batman” with Robert Pattinson as a superhero. The premiere in Yekaterinburg took place in the cinemas of the Greenwich Cinema chain, rented for this occasion by the “Non-Stop Cinema” group. As you can see, “The Dark Knight” will have no counterpart Uncle Wanya.

But apparently, Russian viewers thought it was a provocation, because they filled only half the room. Not surprisingly, the dubbing was done ineptly and additionally superimposed on the original, which was often louder.

The organizers of the “Kino Non-Stop” campaign announced that this was just the beginning of their hacking. After “Batman” they started the song “Don’t Look For”. Perhaps to facilitate its work, the authorities have unblocked RuTracker, the largest Russian BitTorrent. This is another circumvention of penalties by breaking the law. The Kremlin has already done so in the case Trademarks and at least McDonald’s chain. Now he has legalized piracy not only for movies but also for software.

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