February 4, 2023


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New subsidies for solar panels: up to 20.5 thousand.  zloty.  Who will get my electricity subsidy for photovoltaic cells [1.05.2022]

New subsidies for solar panels: up to 20.5 thousand. zloty. Who will get my electricity subsidy for photovoltaic cells [1.05.2022]

The fourth edition of “My Current” was launched on Friday, April 15th. This time, the maximum financing amount is 20.5 thousand. zloty. Most importantly, people who have already benefited from funding for this program can apply for a benefit. In addition, you can get financing for electricity or heat storage. So check out the details for this version of the scholarship, even if you are already a beneficiary of the “My Electricity” programme.

April 15, 2022 started Call for proposals To finance the next version of the government program “My Electricity”. So far, nearly 450,000 people have benefited from the subsidies with a total value of nearly PLN 2 billion. Persons.

– This year, the support will cover not only photovoltaics, but energy and heat storage as well as energy management systems. This is another change after switching to net-billing, which is to boost the consumption of generated electricity for one’s needs – notes Bartomig Jaworski, senior product manager at Eaton.

The previous three editions From “My Current” It caused a significant increase in interest in photovoltaics. There are already nearly 900,000 small home businesses in Poland. In 2021, photovoltaic cells were responsible for the largest energy production of all renewable energy facilities. The budget for this year’s edition of the National Fund for Environmental Protection and Water Management (NFOŚiGW) is PLN 350 million.

Natural persons who have entered into a blanket agreement or a sale agreement with the distribution network operator may apply for financing. The call for proposals began on April 15 and will close when funds for this year’s edition run out. As before, the eligible costs will be the components of the photovoltaic installation: their purchase, transportation and assembly. In the new version, this will also include heat and energy storage. However, support may not exceed 50% of these costs.

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Now you will get back what the Polish system earned in taxes. shorthand…

– Interestingly, in the fourth edition, the “My Electricity” program covers not only people who want to install photovoltaic cells, but also those who already have one, and even if they have already benefited from co-financing in the past. However, such consumers can apply for a lower amount and have to switch to net billing to get the money – says Bartomig Jaworski.