Will Smith still pays for the slap at the Oscars: I understand if viewers aren’t ready |  Movie
Will Smith is currently promoting his new movie Liberation – his first after his infamous slapping of Chris Rock at this year’s Academy Awards. After this incident, the star was banned from the festivities for 10 years, and he honorably resigned from being a member of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences. After several months of silence, he also made a long overdue apology. The statement stated, among other things:

The list of people I’ve hurt is long and includes: Chris and his family, many of my friends and loved ones, room guests and TV viewers. I betrayed the Academy’s trust. It prevented the nominees and winners from celebrating and celebrating their amazing work. I’m desperate.

However, Smith realizes that the case is still quite fresh and not everyone has forgiven him, or at least they haven’t forgotten him yet. In one of the interviews, he said that he would completely understand if viewers were not ready to see him in the new film.

I totally understand if someone isn’t ready. I will respect that and give them space to do so.

The star also expressed concern that his behavior could cast a shadow on the entire team, who put a lot of work into the film.

My biggest concern is my team – He said. Antoine [Fuqua – reż.] In my opinion, he created the greatest work of his career. The entire team has created the best thing in their work so far. I sincerely hope that they will not be punished for my behavior. I’m working on it now to respect and allow viewers not to prepare.

what do you say? Are you ready for the new Will Smith movie?

Will Smith in “Liberation”

“Liberation” – what do we know about the film

The movie is an original Apple TV+ production. The scenario is based on the facts. It will be the story of the slave Peter, who escaped from the farm belonging to John and Bridget Lyons. After a long journey north, outwitting dangerous hunters, and surviving a grueling trek through the treacherous swamps of Louisiana, he joins the Union ranks. When he exposed his back during a doctor’s examination, I took pictures of his whiplash wounds. The famous photos that ended up in The Independent quickly became the definitive evidence of the brutality of the slave system.

The film was directed by Antoine Fuqua (most recently, “Death List”). On December 2, the picture will be shown in cinemas, and a week later, on December 9, we will see it broadcast.

Trailer for the movie “Liberation” – Will Smith’s first post-slapstick movie

Will Smith projects are on hold

As a result of Chris Rock’s slap, Smith’s film studios were supposed to either run with their projects planned or delayed. Sony has halted production of Bad Boys 4, the sequel to Bad Boys for Life – and both Martin Lawrence and studio reps confirmed after the events of the March that the movie would definitely come out. Netflix has stopped prioritizing the “Fast & Loose” production, which director David Leitch left before the ill-fated celebration.

However, Smith’s bad streak seemed to be slowly passing. The star is also a producer on Paramount’s film “Brilliance,” which is based on a well-known novel about an agent who tracks the “gifted,” the one percent of people who are born with remarkable abilities.

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