There are quite unexpected problems in Konopski’s film.  When can he come out?

Those who edit films don’t laugh at the circus. Konopski’s film is supposed to last about an hour, at least that information was released yesterday.

It’s hard to imagine the pressure everyone working on this film must be feeling at this point. The editor himself says that he wakes up early and does everything in his power to get the film out as quickly as possible.

However, there are some problems with the materials. It cannot be said that it is a great difficulty, but it is certainly annoying. This is an editing program that doesn’t want to collaborate at all. This was already talked about yesterday.

Patience is key

Through what he writes, the editor gets a lot of support and this is not surprising. This may be the most important, and certainly one of the most important films to be edited. In general, it is often forgotten that in addition to YouTubers, there are also editors. They are often primarily responsible for the final appearance of the material.


Which can be difficult considering the fact that it’s difficult to even turn off the editing software at this point.



Why is the material still unpublished? New topics, new interpretations, and new data are added all the time. Konopski knows updating this video will be a pain. So it’s best to include as many things as possible.

Also worth noting are Celostre’s words yesterday. There is a possibility that the film will be released tomorrow. But only people close to Konop know this.

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