Russia.  Media: Dmitry Pavuchka, a high-ranking manager linked to Roscosmos, died in the fire.  Another mysterious death in the Russian elite

Russian businessman Dmitry Pavuchka died in a fire in his apartment in Moscow, Focus portal reports. It was supposed to be a lit cigarette. The high-ranking manager was associated with the state-owned companies Roskosmos, Sukhoi and Lukoil. As the portal notes, this is another mysterious death in recent weeks of a person associated with the Russian arms industry or the high-tech industry.

The fire broke out in Dmitry Pavuchko’s apartment on the 16th floor of a Moscow skyscraper in the “elite district” of Leninsky Prospekt, the Fox portal reported. The manager was supposed to sleep with a lit cigarette in his hand that was supposed to lead to tragedy. No one else was injured.

Recently, the 49-year-old influential businessman headed the department of international educational and scientific cooperation at one of the scientific units of the Peoples’ Friendship Russian University in Moscow. Previously, it was also associated with state-owned companies Roskosmos, Sukhoi and Lukoil.

Another mysterious death among the Russian elite

As Focus reports, the tragic fire is another case of a mysterious death in Russia in recent weeks of a person associated with the defense industry or the high-tech industry. At the beginning of January, Paweł Kamniew, designer, among others, died. Caliber cruise missiles. At the end of December, the media reported the death of the designer of the new Angara missile systems, Pavel Nesterov.

Reports of the death of high-ranking Russian managers, as well as representatives of the authorities and secret services, have surfaced since the beginning of the Kremlin’s invasion of Ukraine, which began in February 2022. In the previous months, under mysterious circumstances, Ravel Maganov, Chairman of the Board of Directors of LukoilLeonid Shulman, head of the transport service at Gazprom Inwest, former vice president of Gazprombank Vladislav Avaev, former general director of Novatek gas company Sergei Protosenia, general of the Foreign Intelligence Service (SVR) Lev Sotkov and Retired General of the Federal Security Service (FSB) Yevgeny Lobachev.

They were also reported to have died in “unfortunate accidents” in May last year Former Lukoil director Alexander Subbotin And Andrei Krukovsky, President of the Krasnaya Polyana ResortThey belong to the group, among others Gazprom. Last July, information about a mysterious death also appeared Businessman with ties to Gazprom, Yuri Voronov. He was the founder and president of a company specializing in orders for a company in the Arctic.

and in December 2022 Pavel Antov, Russian businessman and deputy of the legislature of the Vladimir region, they fell from the balcony of the hotel and died. Another one a few days ago Businessman Vladimir Bedanov He fell ill in his hotel room “from too much alcohol” and died in hospital.

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