Małgorzata Kożuchowska stopped the car wrongly.  The star can get a fine and penalty points

Małgorzata Kożuchowska One of the most famous and popular stars in Poland. The 51-year-old gained popularity thanks to her role in the films “Kiler”, “Kiler ów 2-óch” and other productions from the late 90’s and early 2000’s. Later, she played in the series “”, thanks to which she won the fans. For several years, she has also been running an Instagram account, showing what her work looks like, and also introducing her private life to netizens.

From the reports on her social media, it appears she has no room for accidents. Recently, however, Kożuchowska had a real downfall. she joined Stars like Magdalena Ogorek, who was caught breaking traffic rules.

Małgorzata Kożuchowska is usually a good driver, but even such a person can make mistakes. The actress must have been in a hurry, as she parked her luxury car on the stop bar.

to make it funnier There was a solid line drawn where the star left the car. Everything was recorded by the cameras of the photojournalists who shared the photos with Are we dealing with a major scandal?

Journalists of the portal decided to contact Małgorzata Kożuchowska and explain why such an event occurred. Instead of pretending nothing happened, the star tried to answer honestly. In an interview with reporters, the actress revealed that she prefers not to stand under the ban sign.

Why was it different this time? According to Kożuchowska, there are not enough parking spaces near the National Theatre. The actress also drew attention to the problem affecting viewers and artists who want to enter the building.

“I’m so sorry I illegally parked, I’m really trying not to. I promise it won’t happen again. I’m really sorry, it’ll definitely get better! I’ve been really looking for a place to park properly but it’s so hard to find in this Region. Sometimes, when performances are held simultaneously on the stages of the National Stadium and the National Opera, both staff and spectators have no place to park their cars. I always try to stand up properly, and at the time that was a last resort.”

The actress is part of the cast of the play Picnic on the Hanging Rock, which is currently playing on the stages of the National Stadium. It is likely that her translation contains at least some measure of truth, but it is not known whether it would have been enough for the Poles to quickly forgive Koczowska.

Her situation may be improved by the remorse evident in the star’s statement. Małgorzata Kożuchowska promised that it would not happen again andHe wished to improve. Polish stars can’t always afford that much.

The offense of standing in an unauthorized place is punishable by 1 penalty point and a fine of PLN 100. When a healthy driver parks his car in a space designated for a disabled person, he faces up to 5 penalty points, in addition to a much higher fine. On the other hand, for non-compliance with the double continuous signal, you can get 1 penalty point and a fine of 100 PLN.

It is noteworthy that parking problems pleased the artist: “I have the impression that the audience has recently returned to the stage, we are surrounded, the halls are full, we are playing whole groups. The lack of parking spaces also proves this. . People come, they want to see us and we are very happy about that. Of course, I invite everyone to performances at the National Stadium! – confirmed in an interview with “Reality”. If Kouchowska intends to continue parking like this in the future, she will need to pay more attention to performances at the National Stadium to pay high fines.

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