April 1, 2023


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“Cauldron” near Bashmut.  Ukrainians cut Russians [WIDEO]

“Cauldron” near Bashmut. Ukrainians cut Russians [WIDEO]

Serhiy Sherevaty, spokesman for the Ukrainian army’s eastern grouping, said on Sunday that Pakhmut in eastern Ukraine’s Donetsk region remains the epicenter of Russian forces’ offensive. Fierce battles for the city continued for months. Mateusz Lachovsky, correspondent for Polsat News in Ukraine, also reports on the situation at the front.

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According to the journalist, the counterattack of the Ukrainian forces aims to surround the Russians.

“The Ukrainians did not stop and launched another attack. The counterattack went in a converging direction, on Yagedny, Perchevki and Paraskovevki. And the Ukrainians cut off the vanguard of the Russian forces from the rest of the group, creating a small cauldron,” he wrote.

He adds that the Ukrainian attack “was carried out with large forces consisting of elements of four brigades. Part of the Russians advancing west was cut off. This is not a major attack, but it is a small operational success and inflicted heavy losses on the Russians.” Lachowski.

And the head of the Chancellery of the President of Ukraine, Andriy Yermak, published the video, which shows fierce fighting and an exchange of fire. “The 93rd Brigade operates in Bakhmut Castle,” he wrote.

In another recording broadcast online, we see Ukrainian soldiers in battle who were supposed to destroy a Russian BMP-2 combat vehicle.

In Bakhmut, the spokesman for the Eastern Bloc of the Ukrainian Army, Serhiy Sherevaty, confirmed, citing the Sosilny portal, on Sunday that “tense fighting dynamics” are continuing. “This is the center of the main strike of the Russian forces,” he said.

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The spokesman said that during the past twenty-four hours, the Russian army fired artillery and rocket launchers 125 times at the Bishmouk area. According to him, 77 Russian soldiers were killed and 159 wounded in this direction in 24 hours.

On Sunday, the border guards announced the liquidation of the Russian assault group in Bakhmut. Nine Russian soldiers were killed and five wounded in the fighting.

Source: Twitter, Telegram, PAP, Onet