He hijacked a helicopter, fled to Ukraine and was killed in Spain

On February 13, the body of a young man was found murdered in the small Spanish town of Villajoyosa (in the province of Alicante). The killer (or killers) allegedly shot him twelve times. The police found 100,000 in his possession. Euro, which suggests that it was not about the money.

As initially reported by local media, the murder victim is a 33-year-old Ukrainian citizen. However, other reports soon emerged suggesting that the dead man was carrying false documents, and was in fact a 28-year-old Russian citizen, Maxim Kuzmenov. His death has already been officially confirmed by services in Kiev.

He hijacked a Russian army helicopter

Last August, Captain Kuzminov hijacked a Russian army Mi-8 helicopter and landed it in the Dnieper River. Two other Russian soldiers who were on board the hijacked helicopter were killed in fighting with the Ukrainian side. Ukrainian military intelligence then described the operation as the most successful operation since the beginning of the Russian aggression in February 2022.

Kuzminov explained, at a press conference in Kiev, that he fled the Russian army because he “did not want to participate in Russia's crimes against Ukraine.” In return, he was to receive a reward of 500 thousand Polish zlotys. A dollar and a new identity.

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