The West is in conflict with Russia.  There are announcements of sanctions and arms transfers to Ukraine

The cost of entering Ukraine in terms of material loss of life on the Russian side will be prohibitive. Joe Biden said that they will be able to win, but they will pay a heavy price in the short, medium and long term, and I think Putin will regret it.

The United States is preparing for sanctions

However, preparations are underway on Thursday for news from abroad on the imposition of sanctions on the Russian economy. Brian Dies, chair of the White House Economic Council, told CNN Washington is seriously considering imposing sanctions on Moscow. He also assured reporters that the US economy will not face these sanctions backfire.

Brian Deese announced that the measures that we have prepared and implemented with our partners will, over time, impose very high costs on the Russian economy.

So what are the at-risk scenarios? We wrote in that The West is considering isolating Russia from the Swift system. It is a system through which approximately 14 million banking transactions are carried out every day. A bank that does not have access to the SWIFT network is practically irrelevant to global markets.

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Germany and Nord Stream 2

Therefore, on Thursday, the heads of diplomacy of the United States, Britain, France and Germany met in the German capital. The topic of the talks was Russia’s possible aggression against Ukraine. In the joint press conference that followed the meeting, the US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken and German head of diplomacy Annalina Birbock declared that any violation of Ukraine’s borders would end with a response from the West.


We have always said clearly: any violation of the Ukrainian border by Russian military forces […] It will lead to an immediate and severe reaction, Anthony Blinken emphasized.

Annalina Barbock agreed with the position of the American secretary. The head of the German Foreign Ministry called on Russia to stop the escalation. As it was announced In the event of aggression, Germany is ready to impose sanctions on the Kremlin, which will also harm the economy of our neighbors.. This is a clear reference to Nord Stream 2. Finally, it indicated that the positions of the European Union, NATO and st 7 converge.

The Wall Street Journal reported Thursday that Anthony Blinken has arrived in Europe It was preceded by a visit by the Director of the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), William Burns. The head of the CIA visited Berlin and Kiev. According to the newspaper, his task was to persuade Germany to take a tougher stance on Russia and threaten the Kremlin with closing Nord Stream 2.


The Russian Navy began its maneuvers with Ukraine supplying weapons in the background

Meanwhile, Russia does not seem interested in the West’s moves in its direction. The Ministry of Defense announced on Thursday Preparing for maneuvers involving 140 ships and 10,000 army. It will be carried out in January and February in the Mediterranean, the North Sea and Okhotsk, and in the Pacific and Atlantic Oceans.

“The exercises will cover the maritime areas adjacent to the Russian territory, as well as operationally important ocean areas. The exercises will take place in the Mediterranean, the North Sea and the Sea of ​​Okhotsk, in the northeastern part of the Atlantic and in the Pacific Ocean, ”- Interfax reported, citing the Ministry of Defense .

Russia wants the West to withdraw from Ukraine

In the shadow of these announcements, the British Defense Journal reports appeared. Journalists from the islands reported this Within two days, the UK organized eight arms shipments to Ukraine. Deliveries included MBT LAW single-shot anti-tank guided missile launchers. On Monday, Defense Secretary Ben Wallace in the House of Commons declined to provide details of the supplies.


The Czech Ministry of Defense announced, Thursday, that it plans to deliver artillery shells to Ukraine. This issue will be resolved by the government of Peter Vialli at the next meeting.

Russia has also proposed restricting the spread of nuclear weapons. Article 7 of the published text states that “the Parties shall exclude the deployment of nuclear weapons outside their territories and shall withdraw those weapons that have already been deployed outside their territories.”

Anthony Blinken responded to these demands, declaring that President Biden believed so The concept of spheres of influence should be thrown into the dustbin of history It will stay with this sentence.




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