Russia has a serious problem.  Pentagon indicates causes – O2

We can read about Russia’s new problems on the Pentagon’s website. According to the report, so far Putin’s army has mostly used precision weapons, but in recent days most of them have fired unguided missiles at Mariupol.

The Pentagon about Russia’s problems

The US Department believes that this indicates problems with the replenishment of precision munitions. “We believe that sanctions and export controls, particularly with regard to electronic components, have affected the base and capacity of the Russian defense industry,” the website quoted a Pentagon official as saying.

The Pentagon also announced another military support for Ukraine. The official said the country has received 13 arms shipments from seven countries in the past 24 hours, adding that US President Joe Biden has demanded another $5 billion in military support for Ukraine.

Military support for Ukraine

According to him, 85 howitzers have already been delivered to Ukraine, in addition to 110 thousand. missiles to them. In addition, American soldiers are training the Ukrainian army in the use of new weapons.

The official added that the Russian military, meanwhile, had made little progress in Ukraine in the past 24 hours. The Pentagon sees no indications that Russia could muster more forces.

Lending and Leasing to Ukraine

On Monday, Joe Biden signed the Lend-Lease Act, which guarantees $33 billion in support to Ukraine. The law will allow for a faster transfer of military and financial aid to combat Russian aggression in Ukraine.

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