Ukraine.  President Volodymyr Zelensky: 10 million people without electricity

As a result of the Russian attacks, Ukraine has energy supply problems. President Volodymyr Zelensky said that 10 million Ukrainians are still without electricity. – Yesterday we sat for 12 hours without electricity, which means there is no water, no heat, and sometimes there is no possibility to prepare food, – reported journalist Wiktoria Zirwa on TVN24. But, she added, “it’s in the dark, but without the Russians.”

The liquidation of the aftermath of the recent missile attack continued throughout the day (Russia) to Ukraine. Emergency power failure again. (…]We are doing our best to restore normal (electricity) supplies – he said Volodymyr Zelensky. He added that the biggest problems with access to electricity are currently in Kyiv, as well as in the Vinnytsia, Odessa and Sumy regions. Currently, 10 million Ukrainians are deprived of electricity.

The streets of Lviv were plunged into darknessPAP/Vitaly Harapar

Earlier on Thursday, the head of the Kyiv region’s government, Oleksiy Kuleba, called on Telegram to “change the lifestyle” of residents, because “with each subsequent bombing, the power outages could last longer.” “What we need today is perseverance and courage,” the governor wrote.

In the dark, but without the Russians.

– We’re getting used to it. We are making our plans to break up [energii – red.]If, of course, it is in accordance with the schedule and is not emergency. Yesterday we sat here near Kyiv for 12 hours without electricity, which means no water, no heat, and sometimes no food preparation – she said in TakeGuest about the situation in Ukraine Wiktoria Czyrwa, journalist of the eDialog portal of the Polish-Ukrainian Chamber of Commerce.

“In the dark, but without the Russians,” she added.

Wakuleuk: Even though we were in the dark, we felt safe in the ’90s. Now there is no such securityTVN24

In turn, Lesya Wakulyuk, a journalist from Ukraine 24, admitted that “we have never lived in such conditions.” – It was hard in the 90s, then we also had days and evenings without electricity, without electricity. (…) But then, in the nineties, missiles did not fall on our country. Even though we are in the dark, but we felt safe. She said now there is no such security.

Russian attacks on critical infrastructure

Since October 8, when General Sergei Surovkin took over as commander-in-chief of the invading Russian forces, the aggressor’s forces have dramatically intensified their bombing of Ukraine’s energy facilities. In recent weeks, these facilities have been attacked, for example in Kyiv, as well as in most regions of the country. Ukrainian politicians and media confirm that the country is preparing for a harsh winter and a serious energy deficit.

Residents of Lviv in a shelterPAP/EPA/Mykola A

By bombing Ukrainian civilian infrastructure, the Kremlin is trying to cause a humanitarian catastrophe and provoke a new wave of refugees to European countries, which worries the Ukrainian authorities. Faced with failures on the front, Russia resorts to these measures to terrorize the civilian population and force Kyiv to make concessions.

As experts stress, attacks on civilian objects are a war crime under international law. There is no military justification for destroying energy infrastructure.

Main image source: PAP/Vitaly Harapar

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