Tonga  Underwater volcano eruption.  Tsunami warning

Tsunami warning He also launched the New Zealand Crisis Management Center in Wellington, Reuters reports, noting that Saturday’s eruption of the Hongga Tonga Hung Hapai volcano, which was recently activated, was the latest in a series of eruptions recorded in recent weeks.

The explosion was powerful Emphasis on agencies. A rise in ocean level was observed on the eastern coast of the Samoan Islands, which are part of the territory of American Samoa, by about 70 centimeters, according to a press release issued on Saturday. There is no information on the situation in the Kingdom of Tonga, 887 km away, and directly adjacent to the volcano.

Reuters writes that its beaches and many bays could be at risk if the water level exceeds safe levels.

– Around Tonga, as in the entire Pacific Ocean, the water level is constantly rising. This means an imminent disaster, because most of the country is located at an altitude of two meters above sea level. Just like Kiribati, Tuvalu and other islands, we would be underwater if climate change went in the same direction as before, said Uili Loisi, a member of the Tonga delegation at the UN climate conference COP26 in Glasgow, in November.

The Tonga archipelago is located in the so-called Ring of Fire, that is, in the zone of constant earthquakes and volcanic eruptions surrounding the Pacific Ocean.

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