February 4, 2023


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Russia.  Dmitry Medvedev offered two options for ending the war in Ukraine

Russia. Dmitry Medvedev offered two options for ending the war in Ukraine

The former president of Russia since the beginning of the Russian invasion of Ukraine in February Dmitry Medvedev She posts anti-Ukrainian, anti-Western posts and propaganda on social media. In recent weeks he has written, among other things, about “rabid Poles,” called on Europeans to foment revolution, and threatened accidents at Western nuclear power plants, as well as threatening nuclear annihilation.

This time, Medvedev, referring in his entry to “foreign experts” and “public opinion polls”, accused the West of manipulation. He pointed out that the scenarios for the end of the war that predicted the victory of Ukraine are “demagogic.”

These are pure lies designed to manipulate voters. Everyone understands everything, but they play their roles. ”

Medvedev presented the script “One and a half”According to what the “special operation” may end (the Russians do not use the word “war” – liberator).

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“The first is the achievement of all the goals of the special operation and recognition of its results in Kyiv. The second is the military coup in Ukraine, and then the recognition of the results of the special operation. These are all options– wrote the vice president.

He ended his entry with a Latin sentence: Tertium non datur – there is no third possibility.

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