They did not come to the wedding.  Then they got a bill from the newlyweds

When a friend of Doug Simmons and Deedra posted on Twitter $120 honeymoon bill from someone (i.e. $240 per pair), many netizens claimed that this is regular fake news. However, journalists of the New York Post reached out to the newlyweds – the Simmons family from Chicago. In an interview with the service Confirm the validity of the invoices issued and explain the reason for taking this step.

They did not go to the wedding. Then they got a bill from the newlyweds

“because You have not contacted us or otherwise notified us properly that you will not be present at our wedding, it is the amount ($120 per person – opening note) that you owe us to pay your seat up front” — we can read about “Wedding Bill” on Twitter.

So it follows that Mr. and Mrs. Simmons decided to get money back from people who had paid their wages and had not notified them that they would not attend the wedding at all.. The wedding and reception took place just a few weeks ago at the Royalton Resort in Negril, Jamaica.

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Bill scanning also appeared on the groom’s Facebook. “Don’t be upset if I send you an invoice. I email it. I am writing in case you missed it” – he stressed.

when when Netizens began to doubt the validity of the “wedding bills” and the wedding Doug Simmons and Deedra McGee from Jamaica, New York Post reporters spoke to the newlyweds.

The groom emphasized that he did not mean money. “I’m not an exact person” – I acknowledge.

How do you explain sending these bills to absent wedding guests?

He and his fiancée They were hurt and even ignored when it turned out on the day of their dream wedding that a large part of the more than 100 invited guests did not attend, despite the fact that they had previously confirmed their presence.

Doug Simmons noted.

Source: New York Post

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