Gothic Remake was built from scratch, and the demo went to the trash after criticism from fans
August 25 2022, 18:25

author: Hubert “Hxx0” ledziewski

After he announced that he would be creating music for Gothic Remake, Kai Rosenkranz shared a lot of information about the game with the game community. It turns out that the demo has gone to the trash, and the production was created from scratch, with the utmost fidelity to the original.

Yesterday Alkimia Interactive Studio announceIt is in production Gothic remake Kay Rosenkranz – soundtrack creator for the original trilogy Piranha Bite and the first did. It turns out that this German composer Join the team in September 2021And not just now.

He revealed it to the community gathered on Discord of the game, while answering dozens of questions. Compiled by Reddit user with the alias nr3joki and split into two parts – you can read it over here And the over here. You will find below Summary of the main issues raised.

  • The task of this German composer is to create not only music, but also new sounds for reproduction. However, in the work, he uses the original recordings to faithfully reproduce the whole.
  • Like the original, the game will lack helmets – although they are clipped before the premiere – but the armor will be made up of several items.
  • Rosenkranz said he is satisfied with the combat system, which is now being refined By Alkimia Interactive studio. It had to be completely redesigned for the demo the German didn’t like.
  • The composer is unable to give an approximate date for the premiere Gothic remake. As he says, the developers don’t plan to make any promises in this regard, because “we don’t need unfinished ones.” Gothic“.
  • Diego V Gothic remake You’re not supposed to look like a knight. Alkimia Interactive is said to have taken fans to heart, Throw the demo created by seven people into the trash and start working again In a larger group – currently about 40 – consists of loyal fans of the series, but also people who do not know it very well. Then Kai Rosenkranz joined the team.
  • It has since been written About an hour of soundtrack. This is double the original amount. For example, the old camp theme has been extended to seven minutes.
  • creators Gothic remake It is said that they are planning to hire Original voice actors – if it is possible (some may have died) – to re-record their lines (it is not known how the Polish distributor of the game will approach them). In the end, we will get a mixture of new and old sounds.
  • The size of the map should be the same as the original size, even though it is in . format There are plans to expand the site a bitwhose potential has not been used (such as the bandit camp). Additionally, some points must be scaled to fit the increased detail of the graphics.
  • fans The Chronicles of Mertana: Arculus I would definitely be glad that Kai Rosenkranz played this mod. He liked her very much and is pleased with her soundtrack.

I don’t know about you, but Kai Rosenkranz’s words fill me with optimism, which I couldn’t take with this unfortunate demo. or not Gothic remake It turned out to be a dream come true for fans of the original. As a reminder, I’ll add that The game will be released on PC, PS5, and XSX/S.

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