Russia and Ukraine war.  The United States imposes sanctions on Russia.  Joe Biden's speech

Russia led to the invasion of Ukraine, the president said USA Joe Biden.

United States of America We will continue to support Ukraine and our allies at home For this Joe Biden reassured him.

The US President announced the imposition of “comprehensive ban” sanctions against two Russian banks and trading in Russian bonds. He stressed that this was the first batch of sanctions in response to Moscow’s recognition of the independence of the self-proclaimed separatist “republics” in the Ukrainian Donbass region.

The sanctions will cover the state-owned Vnieszekonombank (WEB) and the military Wojenprombank, as well as all trading in Russian government bonds. On Wednesday, the United States will impose sanctions on representatives of the Russian elite.

“All of Russia’s actions show that it intends to go to war,” the US president said.

“We will use every means to defend Ukraine,” he added. He also said: “We still believe that Russia is ready to go much further to launch a large-scale military attack on Ukraine. I hope I am wrong.

President of the United States He noted that it was referred to in several ways including Monday’s speech by Russian President Vladimir Putin, which was a “direct attack on Ukraine’s right to exist”.

– He indirectly threatened the territories previously controlled by Russia, including the countries in which democracies flourish and members of NATO today, unless his extremist demands were met – the commander emphasized.

He also stated that “Putin directly attacked Ukraine’s right to exist and threatened war, but there is still hope for diplomacy.”

Biden said during the speech that he had ordered additional troops and equipment to be sent to Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia, noting that they would be moved from elsewhere in Europe.

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