British Ministry of Defense: Russia's losses in Ukraine have never been this high

More than 350,000 Russian soldiers were killed and wounded in Ukraine

Russia's losses in the attack amount to 355,000, according to data from the British Ministry of Defense. In recent months, as the attack intensified, this number has risen significantly. Every day in February, the Russian army lost an average of 983 soldiers, the highest rate since the beginning of the war.

On Sunday, the British Ministry of Defense published the latest report on the situation on the front in Ukraine. Data collected by British intelligence shows this Russia's losses are constantly increasing, and February was the worst in this regard In an ongoing attack for two years.

The high cost of the Russian attack

According to the ministry, the number of wounded and killed on the Russian side has reached every day for the past month An average of 983 soldiers. Since the start of the large-scale aggression on February 24, 2022, the total losses of the Kremlin have exceeded 355 thousand.

According to British ministry experts, the trend indicates that Moscow has decided to wage a “total and destructive war.” The costs of this strategy are enormous, but it yields results in the form of “increased pressure on Ukrainian positions along the entire front line.” Proof of this is the recent seizure of Avdiivka.

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It should be noted that how British intelligence calculated the losses is unknown.

War in Ukraine. What losses did Kiev suffer?

President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky The secret was revealed during a conference organized on the second anniversary of the Russian aggression. Then the leader said that the defense of the homeland cost the lives of 31 thousand Ukrainian soldiers. Zelensky stressed that this is a great loss for us. But he did not mention the number of injured or missing.

The data mentioned by the Ukrainian president differ significantly from the US administration’s estimates. Last summer, it was reported that nearly 70,000 Ukrainians died in the war and between 100,000 and 120,000 others were injured. It was assumed that there would be losses on the Russian side Twice as high.

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