Bethesda Launcher will be shutting down, moving to Steam from April
February 22, 2022, 5:55 pm

Bethesda Softworks is abandoning its gaming platform. Since 2016, the Bethesda Launcher will expire in a few months, and the company will allow players to migrate to Steam.

After just six years of existence, the Bethesda Launcher has officially been forgotten. Bethesda Softworks looking at About the planned shutdown of its platform this year. From May, users will not be able to play games there, although they will not lose access to their collection.

Bethesda is moving to Steam

A little earlier, in April, The company will provide an option to migrate from the Bethesda Launcher to Steam (and Steam only). This will allow all games to be transferred with files DLCCosmetics and all virtual currencies.

  1. In most cases, players will also be able to move File save game. Currently, it is the only exception Wolfenstein: Youngblood. It was also noted that for some titles, players will have to re-“save” themselves.
  2. The merger will also include friend lists from games that support this feature (incl. DeathloopAnd the always eternal And the fallout 76).
  3. It is confirmed that accounts will still be required to use certain services and products, such as fashionskins or the ability to play in them fallout 76.

We will learn more about the migration details later. For more information, please see the entry Bethesda official website.

fallout 76 steaming

at separate entry Questions about immigration answered in context fallout 76. Players will keep all game progress (including CAMPs, ranks, and badges) as well as friend lists and active Fallout 1st subscriptions. For the trial version, the public test server is Available On Steam for two weeks.

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