Ohio, USA: Train crash.  There is a preliminary report

The first information appears about the train crash that occurred in early February in Ohio, USA. A preliminary report from the National Transportation Safety Board stated that the crew of the train, which was carrying hazardous materials, were informed moments before the tragedy that… Wheel bearing overheating. Before the derailment, the temperature arrived 122 degrees Celsius above normal.

The driver tried to stop the express train, the automatic braking system was also activated, but “when the machine stopped, thick smoke and fire were observed” – added. But the report did Few details About what exactly caused the derailment and how effective – or ineffective – the response was.

During a press conference in Washington, National Transportation Safety Board President Jennifer Homendy said the disaster in eastern Palestine “could have been avoided.” We call things accidents. There is no accident. Every incident we investigate is preventable She said.

Homendy added that field investigations have been completed at this time. An “investigation session” for witnesses is scheduled for the spring. According to her, such a session is intended to help gather information, inform the public and create consensus on the issue of implementing changes. It is expected that the preparation of the final report will take 12 to 18 months.

According to the report, no evidence was found that the train was traveling above the set speed limit. Investigators will focus on the wheels and construction of the tankerAnd also the burning of vinyl chloride, which was to be transported by several carts.

The Transportation Communications Union, which represents railroad workers, issued a statement saying “the disaster may be partly the result of railroad companies prioritizing profits over safety.”

“Over the past few years, railway unions – and so have we – have been sounding the alarm about the dangers of the railroad business model. cutting costs– added.

Norfolk Southern CEO Alan Shaw told CNN The railroad company paid $6.5 million to those living near the disaster. He also promised to continue helping East of Palestine.

US Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg visited the city to meet with residents and investigators, and the report was released the same day. Residents weren’t the only ones to criticize Buttigieg. Republican Senator Marco Rubio called him “incompetent and focused only on his fantasies about him.” political futureAdding that he “should be fired,” according to the BBC.

Buttigieg, who spoke to reporters Thursday, He criticized Norfolk Southern and the administration of former President Donald Trump to work on relaxing the rules.

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