Rozenk left Majdan and ran away from home.  He even stopped answering the phone

Malgorzata Roznik Majdan Radoslav Majdan has been in a media relationship for years, creating an almost idyllic image of their relationship on social media.

The couple seems inseparable and does everything together. It turns out that not quite.

According to what was reported by “Super Express”, a sudden situation occurred recently in Majdan’s house. The former footballer decided to leave his lover and fled to the Bieszczady mountains!

“What if I gave up everything and went to the Bieszczady Mountains?” As he thought, he did! (…) Radoslaw Majdan abandoned Malgorzata Ruzynik and left. He even stopped answering the phone” – the tabloid reports.

Although the news of “Super Express” seemed very disturbing, it turned out that the reason for Majdan’s “escape” was cooperation with the BBC terrestrial station.

As part of the programme Majdan had to leave the “Warsaw Palace” and his comfortable life with his wife. He assigned a famous naturalist to show him real life in the middle of the jungle.

“At the special invitation of BBC Earth, Magdan went to the Ballygrod area to undergo a rapid survival course. The former athlete did not go into the forest alone. He was accompanied by Kazimierz Noschka, a forester with 41 years of experience and “a great authority, who participated in the creation of the Nadleśnictwo file Popular online personality Baligród, where he shares curiosities from the Bieszczady forests, including videos of encounters with bears and wolves,” the tabloid reported.

Radzio had many tasks to perform. First of all, he had to do it “Living one day in the forest”But it doesn’t end there.

“He had to start a fire using random objects and boil water on it as quickly as possible. It turns out that the alternative to the gas cylinder might be… a can of tuna” – we read.

Naturally, it will all be available to watch soon on BBC Earth.

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