Kuyavian-Pomeranian football derby: Zawisza Bydgoszcz – Elana Torun.  Live recording

In the second round of the Group B Third League, Zawisza Bydgoszcz hosted Elana Toruń. Below is a live recording.

Zawiza Bydgoszcz – Ilana Torun 0: 0
Zawisza: Oczkowski – Nowak, Maciejewski, Urbanski, Slawek – Sochan (63. Kona), Koziara (83. Sacharuk), Graczyk – Sanocki (69. Chachuła), Okuniewicz (70. Bojas), Sobieralski (83. Leonowicz).
Ilana: Pawłowski – Korpalski, Ćwikliński, A. Kowalski – Piskorski (69. Woroniecki), K. Kowalski, Karbowiński, Lenkiewicz (90. Makowiecki) – Góra (90. Rybacki), Jaskolski (69. Rożnowski).

before the match
19.12 – Welcome from the Mujahideen stadium. Gdańska. Fans slowly gather in the stands. For now, Zawicha players are getting ready.
19.15 Elana players are coming to the field
19.20 – There will be 26 derby matches between these teams including Zaszana’s loss. In the league, the two teams have met 22 times, as well as three times in the Polish Cup
19.27 – Let us remind you that on the occasion of the season opener, Zawiza defeated Wikęd Luzino 7: 1, and Elana won at home with Błękitni Stargard 3: 0
19.31 – The meeting starts in about a quarter of an hour
19.33 Zawisza’s team has finished warming up
19.36 – Toruń also finished their warm-up
19.40 – Ilana fans are slowly getting to the stands, there are supposed to be about 500 of them, and there are also largely blue and black fans. More than 2,700 tickets have been sold as of yesterday. The sale is still going on. The event was reported to five thousand spectators
19.41 – Basketball players from Astoria Bydgoszcz with coach Krzysztof Zuparga entered the stands
19.43 – Both teams are on the field. Gromky: WKS! WKS! WKS!

1 – the first whistle. The hosts started
5 – The duel to the voices of the masses is underway
7 – The first corner of Zuweisheh
11 – Okuniewicz was heading towards a header, but straight down the middle, so Pawłowski had no problem catching the ball
16 Another work by Zawisza. This time Sobieralski shot from outside the penalty area. The ball flew about half a meter over the crossbar
19 Piskorski is shown a yellow card by Elan for a foul on Kozyar
22 Elena’s free kick. Good cross and header, but the ball falls into the hands of Oczkowski
24 Aleksander Kowalski, shot from long range, slightly fouled
28 – This time from such a distance. The ball barely missed the post
32 – The score should be 1-0 for Zueisha. Pawłowski missed the ball, it went to Sanocki, who shot without thinking, but Ćwikliński, who stood in the goal, knocked it out of the goal
35 Yellow card for Sushaniya for a foul. Ilana’s free kick from the right, about 40 meters away, ended with a weak header
38 – Two variants of Zawisza. Urbański headed, Pawłowski defended with his legs
41 – Elana’s counter-attack led by Jaskólski, who played for Góra, feinted the defender and made a technical shot, but Oczkowski showed a great tackle
45 – the referee adds one minute

The end of the first half
We’ll be back with the report in about a quarter of an hour

the other half
46 – the guests began
48 Maciejewski yellow card
49 – Free Zawisza of about 30 metres. After Urbański’s shot, the ball hit Jura’s legs
52 – Different from Zawisza. Elana’s defensemen clear the ball. After a while, a few throw-ins, but Toru’s defense didn’t do anything wrong
56 – The first change in Ilan. Malinowski was replaced by Kner
58 – Free for Zawisza. After Sanocki’s cross, Okuniewicz headed in, but weak and straight at Pawłowski. against Ilana. First, Urbański kicked the ball out from under Jaskólski’s feet. And after a while Knery was banned by Maciejewski
63 – The first change in angle. Sushanya replaces Kun
69 – Changes in both teams. In Zawisza, Sanocki and Okuniewicz were replaced by Chachuła and Bojas. Two changes also in Elan Piskorski and Jaskólski replaced by Woroniecki and Rożnowski
75 Kozyara’s dangerous shot. Pawlowski to the corner. After a while, Lenkiewicz blocked Sobieralski’s shot
77 Rożnowski yellow card for a foul
83 – Two more changes for Zawisza. Kozyara and Sobieralski withdraw, to be replaced by Sacharuk and Leonović
87 Ronofsky’s sharp shot. Oczkowski to the corner.
90 Two changes to Elan. Makowiecki and Rybacki entered behind Góra and Lenkiewicz. The referee adds 6 minutes.

Thank you for your attention. Photo gallery and video material coming soon.

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