March 20, 2023


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San Marino - Poland 1-7.  We live the Poles

San Marino – Poland 1-7. We live the Poles

Wojciech Schuchsny-3. For this match, he could have taken a crossword puzzle or a book. He was just kicking the ball, but he did it wrong.

Thomas Kudziora -3. He can help Szczęsny with crossword puzzles or attack support. However, there wasn’t much of it up front.

Mikhail Helek-3. He started nervous and then fell asleep. After the break, he had a fatal misunderstanding with Piątkowski, but could salvage his help on the positive side.

Kamil Petkowski 2. Until the break, he missed a pass and lost. After the break, he was complicit in the goal reception when Helleke fouled badly. Later he was still wrong and in the eyes of Paulo Sousa he certainly did not win.

Timothy’s Bochaks +3. He wants to play, although that doesn’t always come with efficiency. However, he noticed his help and showed some of the most daring movements.

Jacob Kaminsky -3. The rookie can reach the lineup or move quietly. Lech Pozna player chose the last solution.

Damian Szymański 3. His best performance was when … he gave up playing the ball, thanks to which the referee did not blow the offside whistle, and the Poles scored the fourth goal. He had glimpses.

Carol Linetti -4. Breaking numbers was good, because he scored and scored a goal. Is it enough for the first team against England?

Jacob Moder +4. How rare it is for any defensive player to penetrate his opponents with a vertical pass. With this play, he scored the second and third goals for the Poles. It is worth giving a chance to a 22-year-old player.

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Karol Schwedersky-4. There was a lot of him up front, he made decisions quickly, but with efficiency it was not very good.

Robert Lewandowski-5. In 45 minutes he did his job. Two goals and an assist confirmed that he is unforgettable in any match.

Łukasz Skorupski 3. He admitted the goal, though he didn’t have much to say. Then he had to make two more efforts.

Bartosh Sales +2. Gunpowder did not climb.

Adam Buxa-5. It seemed for a long time that it wouldn’t be as impressive a performance as Albania, but in the end he completed a classic hat-trick! What he had, he used. Nor did he leave any doubt as to who would rule in the air.

Nikola Zalosky-4. At first, he did not show his hits, but was on the verge of winning a penalty. It is worth watching. Help is a plus.

Przemyslav Frankovsky. Play for a very short time to judge it.