AI predicts earthquakes at a rate of 70%.  effectiveness.  What about Afghanistan?

That may soon change, thanks to scientists from the University of Texas (UT) at Austin They tested an AI algorithm that predicted with 70 percent accuracy. Earthquakes a week before they happen. The experiments lasted seven months in China, and gave hope of the existence of a reliable artificial intelligence system, which would protect us from tragedies like the one that recently occurred in Afghanistan.

Their artificial intelligence system I was able to predict the location of 14 earthquakes within a radius of about 300 kilometers from their actual place of occurrence, with an almost accurately calculated magnitude.. Meanwhile, it issued only eight false warnings and did not detect a single earthquake.

Scientists They now want to test their model in areas with strong seismic activity such as California, Italy, Japan, Greece, Turkey and Texas. Training on such a large amount of data would enable the model to improve its date prediction accuracy rate and narrow down its location estimates to several tens of kilometers from the actual epicenter.

They hope the project will be a complete success, because, as they stress: “You can’t see the earthquake coming. It’s a matter of fractions of a second, and The only thing you can control is how prepared you are. Even by 70 percent “this is a remarkable result that could help reduce economic and human losses and significantly improve earthquake preparedness around the world.”

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