Rise of the Ronin is the first Team Ninja game to feature choices and the impact our decisions have on gameplay
December 19, 2023, 11:15 am

The director of Rise of the Ronin revealed some new details about the game in a recent interview. Team Ninja’s upcoming production will provide us with an ending to the story that will depend on our choices.

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In the first quarter of the new year, another exclusive title for the PlayStation 5 console will appear on the market, which is of course the game Rise of the Ronin, which director Fumihiko Yasuda talked about more in… conversation With game detective.

Rise of the Ronin – New Details

We already knew the historical outlines of this open-world production, and during the Game Awards ceremony, we learned when the game will be released on the market. We’ve now received some new information about gameplay.

  1. An important part of the adventure will be the decisions we make, which will affect the ending of the story (There will be many of them.) We will also be able to choose dialogue options – Rise of the Ronin It is the first game in the history of Team Ninja Studio to offer this solution.
  2. Players will assume the role of an unnamed ronin who will be referred to as the Hidden Blade. During the adventure, we will also learn about the past of the main character.
  3. The map will consist of three main cities: Yokohama, Kyoto, and Edo (present-day Tokyo), which we will be able to explore freely. There will also be smaller towns and dangerous roads full of bandits.
  4. Some side quests will involve helping certain characters to strengthen your relationship with them (similar to Ghost of Tsushima).
  5. During the game we will meet real characters, eg. Ryoma Sakamoto whether Yoshida Shoen.
  6. Our ronin will have access to various weapons, including pistols. We will also be able to use interesting combos to deal additional damage – for example, “setting fire” to our katana.

Pre-sale for the game has already begun

Starting December 14, the production will be available for pre-sale at PlayStation Store. Those interested can opt for the Standard Edition and the Digital Deluxe Edition, which also includes album art, a soundtrack, and a Pando warrior armor.

Rise of the Ronin It will debut on March 22, 2024 Only on PlayStation 5 consoles. It’s not entirely clear if the game will have Polish translation. Local vendors give conflicting information about this (Media Expert, Empik and RTV Euro AGD say they will be available, while Media Markt only offers an English version).

  1. Rise of the Ronin – the game’s official website

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