Windows 10 error

Windows 11 and Windows 10 may be an issue with the April cumulative updates. The KB5012592 and KB5012599 packages are annoying in some cases at the stage of installing these patches.

Defects are described by the service Newer Windows. According to Windows 11 users reports on the official forum and reddit, in the case of the KB5012592 package, it usually produces the installation issue Error 0x800f081f, 0xc1900101, or 0x800f0988. The lack of detail makes it difficult to diagnose, but practice shows that the cause may be an unstable Internet connection and, as a consequence, non-compliance Windows Update requirements.

In Windows 10, thus with KB5012599, the vulnerability is also associated with the installation phase but Appears with error 0x800f0831. In practice, the stabilizer fails at the 20 percent stage. The installation then jumps to 100%, but the process does not end with a successful installation. In this case, it is not known how to deal with the bug and it remains to wait for a solution from Microsoft. However, manual installation from the Microsoft Update Catalog can come as a rescue.

Windows 10 error
Image source: © Windows Latest

Windows 10 error

However, in Windows 11, the bug can be easily avoided. It turns out that in some cases it is enough Reboot the system and try to install the update again. Windows Latest adds that a “full restart” can also be a good move, which can be done in practice by shutting down Windows while holding down the Shift key on your keyboard. In this case, the system will quit all applications and services, skip any hibernation and sleep mode.

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