A Pole from Tbilisi says what’s really happening in Georgia.  Contrary to what happens in the media

Recently, Georgia has witnessed large public protests. The country’s situation is complicated because it is caught between the West and Russia. Citizens’ anger was caused by the recently adopted law on foreign agents of influence. According to the new regulations, media outlets and NGOs that receive at least 20 percent of their funding from abroad must be registered as institutions that “serve the achievement of the objectives of a foreign state.” For the European Union and the Georgian opposition, this is a clear step towards authoritarianism. The new law caused angry residents to take to the streets of Tbilisi, the country’s capital. Protests also began in other cities, including: Batumi.

During the protests in front of the Georgian Parliament, the police arrested many people, including foreigners. That is why our Foreign Ministry appealed to Poles not to go to the demonstration site.

“The Truth” asked Marcin Rogalski, a resident of Opole, who has a long association with Tbilisi and lives there, about whether the situation is really tense and dangerous. For more than 15 years, he has been running one of the oldest Polish tour companies in Georgia – Georgia Adventure Club DMC. Tell us what the situation is like in the capital and whether tourists should abandon their holidays in this country.

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