Florida.  Space junk fell on the house.  NASA is investigating the matter

A Florida resident witnessed a unique event. A UFO fell on his house, penetrating the roof and causing severe damage to the interior. The man suspects it is part of the International Space Station. NASA commented on the matter and announced that it would investigate the matter.

Alejandro Otero claims that a mysterious object from outer space fell on his house. Although the origin of the object has not yet been determined, the injured party believes it may be part of a charging pad containing old batteries from the International Space Station, which NASA sent into space in 2021 and became space debris.

Drama based in the United States. Space debris fell on his house

The man posted several photos of his house on social media, showing him Holes in the ceiling and perforated floor on two floors. According to him

According to him, the damage was caused by space debris falling on his house.

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A Florida resident also said the tragedy almost happened. A shrapnel weighing more than a kilogram almost hit his son, who was in the house.

The landlord turned to me NASA To help explain the incident.

Florida: Space debris fell. NASA issued a statement

On Tuesday, the space agency issued a statement on this matter. “The piece was collected by NASA in cooperation with the homeowner, W We will analyze it as soon as possible At the Kennedy Space Center in Florida to determine its origins.

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“More information will be available after the analysis is completed,” she added.

Once engineers determine the origin of the object and confirm that it is an item used on the International Space Station, the homeowner will be able to… Apply for compensation To cover the damage.

However, it may not be that simple, because while the object itself belongs to NASA, the platform on which it was located should have belonged to the Japanese space agency – JAXA. If scientists confirm this, the man will have to apply to the Japanese government to cover the costs of repairing his home.

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