Neither extrovert nor introvert?  Maybe you are an ambivert or omnivert?

Extrovert and introvert, that is, two sides of the same group

When talking about personality types, it is important to realize that these are not separate planets of two different worlds, but two opposite ends of the same continuum – a group. “It’s kind of a bell-shaped curve, and most of us find ourselves somewhere in the middle,” says Dan B. McAdams, professor of psychology at Northwestern University, and co-author of Person: A New Introduction to Personality Psychology.

“concepts”“Extrovert” and “introvert”.” It was promoted at the beginning of the twentieth century by the Swiss psychologist – Carl Jung. Its concept resonated widely and became a permanent part of personality psychology. At a similar time, another term was coined, however, it did not make such a dizzying career as a concept Jungian.

Hey “Mysterious” It’s already written In 1923 American psychologist Edward S. Conklin. In his opinion, they exist People with introverted and extroverted traits, Which he called ambiverts. while Omniverts are people who constantly fluctuate (change, vacillate) between extroverted and introverted behavior..

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Ambivert – what does it mean?

Psychologists do not dispute this Extroverts and introvertsalso Ambiverts have been studied for years This term does not raise much controversy among experts.

The situation is more complicated omniwertyk. Some researchers believe that this is a “folk psychological” concept.That is, which emerged as a result of the influence of popular culture on psychology. Opponents of the term “omnivert” believe that its use is unfounded.

Omnivert – what does it mean?

While the concept of “ambivert“It is clear and we understand it intuitively, this is the extent of understanding What is the comprehensive personality? It may be a little difficult. Let’s imagine a person who sometimes acts like a typical extrovert, and other times like an introvert. It cannot be said that he chose the traits of each extreme personality type, because he reacts differently depending on the situation. The Almighty is constantly changing, sometimes extra and sometimes introverted.

Professor Dan B. McAdams thinks so Introversion and extroversion should not be viewed in terms of personality types, but rather in terms of personality traits. The world adds that It is genes that make us more susceptible to one type of behavior or another. However, it is important to remember that DNA is not everything. Our behavior (and therefore our personality type) can change throughout our lives“Especially as people get older,” says Dan B. McAdams.

Our DNA contains 22,000 genes

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Do you prefer calling or texting?

Although personality types were proposed in the 1920s, psychology still studies them. It turns out that The modern world and the development of new technologies have given rise to new features that can describe certain personality types. Specialists examined, among other things, the way we use phones. Research has shown that Extroverts and introverts prefer communication Of sending text messages, however ambiverts are more likely to use text messaging.

Research published in 2023 in Personality and Social Psychology Bulletin showed this Extroverts They are judged as people They listen to others less than other personality types.

Some studies reveal very surprising facts. There are many indicators of this Extroverts and mystics are better at controlling their moods From introverts.

Do you prefer calling or texting?

Do you prefer calling or texting?123RF/pixel

Are introverts less efficient and stubborn?

Psychologists also draw attention to the dangers associated with misinterpretation and incorrect assignment of characteristics to certain personality types. Introverts are sometimes viewed as less agreeable and reserved, while withdrawn behavior results from a lack of motivation to engage in social matters.. On the other side Extroverts are considered more efficient Just because they are more talkative and willing to participate in discussionsWhich creates the impression that they have a lot to say about a particular topic and therefore their knowledge is superior – which can only be an illusion.

Introverts seem stubborn

Introverts seem stubborn123RF/pixel

There are many examples of misinterpretation of behavior within individual personality types. Scott Barry Kaufman, a cognitive scientist at Columbia University in New York, points out that the “sociability” of extroverts does not depend on their need to communicate with others, but rather on the search for a reward that they can obtain thanks to it, for example. Higher social status or group recognition. Everyone points to that Social contacts cause the release of dopamine in extroverts’ brains, which activates the reward mechanism, making them more willing to engage socially.. In the case of introverts, the “injection” of the reward hormone is much smaller.

"shot" Dopamine to the brain stimulates extroverts

“Injecting” dopamine into the brain stimulates extroverts123RF/pixel

Extroverts are also tired of people

Another misconception is that Extroverts They are naturally gifted at winning people over and creating relationships. Meanwhile, it turns out They learn they Build relationships during social contacts by imitating others – and they often do this unconsciously. Introverts do not have this tendency, which makes their social skills less.

Moreover, according to research, ExtrovertsLike the other two types of personalities, They are also tired of intense social contactsBut this fatigue appears later than in introverts or arrogants.

Ambiverts are the most effective salespeople and marketers

Adam Grant from the University of Pennsylvania, who deals with organizational psychology, took the environment of people responsible for sales to the workshop. The results of his research show that they are the most productive and effective in sales ambiverts. They engage naturally they Whether in speech (introverted trait)As well as active listening (Attributed to introverts).

Your personality type doesn’t have to define your life

extrovert, introvert, ambivert — No matter what personality type we are assigned on psychological tests, it does not mean that we cannot take actions that will make us more resilient. John Zielinski, a psychology professor at Carleton University in Ottawa, and his colleagues studied introverted people who consciously broke their habits and behaved in a more extroverted manner. “People who identify as introverts experience many positive emotions when they behave in an extroverted manner,” Zielinsky summarized the research findings. “Most of them also say they feel authentic, like they are expressing their true selves.”

Psychologists agree that leaving our comfort zone and fighting natural tendencies, training adaptability and flexibility, and strengthening or weakening traits we don’t like – may be the best way to find balance in life.

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