June 2, 2023


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Immortal Diablo for Android

Diablo Immortal is now available for download. Best make room on your smartphone

The much-anticipated Diablo Immortal begins tomorrow, June 2. Early download of the title on iOS and Android is now possible. Some players may already play the full version. We explain.

Immortal Diablo Will see the light of day June 2 19:00 Poland time. The creators want to offer this free production Smooth start. Last week, we reported that players interested in the PC version can Download title much earlier. There is also some good news for the owners portable devices.

Rolling early for Immortal Diablo on me iOS and Android. This means in practice that We can download the game now, but we won’t release it until 19:00 the next day. in some Regions may already be open to access the full version of the game. You better be ready in advance “little bit” space on your smartphone.

Immortal Diablo for Android
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Immortal Diablo for Android

We decided to check how it looks in practice. installation package for Android It weighs 2.4 GB. Then we proceed to the download The main content – 10 GB, it can be seen in the attached screenshot. Hardware requirements can be found for individual platforms at this address.

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