Oxygen on the moon.  They will produce it

Tonight, there may be a chance to observe the northern lights over Poland. Clear skies can make it easy to spot. However, for this to be possible, some sacrifices may be necessary.

The aurora borealis is an amazing phenomenon. The lights dancing in the sky look really cheerful, so it’s no wonder that people are eager to “look up” for occasions so they can see them with their own eyes. Today it may be possible in Poland.

how can we Read On the Facebook page with your head in the stars, on March 13, around 1:00 p.m., a jump in the intensity and speed of the solar wind was recorded. Because of the clear skies over the entire country, there is a possibility that the northern lights will be visible over Poland. However, there is one drawback that may prevent this unusual phenomenon from being noticed.

Oxygen on the moon.  They will produce it

Oxygen on the moon. They will produce it

It is about the moon. Its glare could make it difficult to observe other phenomena in the sky. Earth’s natural satellite is now 79 percent visible, which means it reflects a great deal of sunlight.

As we read in the entry above, “the northern lights are a reward for attentive and patient observers.” The author of the post advises people wishing to capture the aurora to take a camera with them and go to a place where the northern horizon will be exposed and dark at the same time, so that the aurora borealis can be observed.

It is also not known at what time to expect a possible aurora borealis. Willing people must remain vigil the moment it gets dark. If someone manages to take a picture of the aurora borealis, don’t forget to share the photo.

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