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“This is one of the most popular family shows . The show, which premiered in 2017, is characterized by a combination of numerous young talents, with some glamorous duo Raisa and Sirena Artis standing alone.

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26-year-old actresses on the show from the 70s to the present day Bravo sisters. One of them is Sarah, the character of Sirena, and the other is Estella, played by Raisa. Like fiction, actresses are smiling and charming; But there is more remarkable detail, they have their comrades as a partner in the novel.

Questionable artists Nicholas Wenzel and Santiago Suarez, Who work “Back to neighborhood” Such as Sebastian and Peto Canosa, respectively. Next, learn how the love story between the Peruvian stars began.

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Reza Ortiz and Santiago Suarez

Artis and Suarez met on the set of “Back to the Neighborhood”, They both act as an emotional couple. The emotional scenes between the artists who have been maintaining a solid relationship since 2019 were able to ignite sparks.

Reza and Santiago’s characters were an imaginary couple (Photo: Santiago Suarez / Instagram)

Who is Santiago Suarez?

Santiago Suarez is a 30-year-old actor who made his screen debut through the show “Approvals” (2013). He has almost a decade of art experience and one of his most recognized works is film “Asu Mare”, Where he simulated the protagonist Kachin.

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The artist plays Beato Kanosa in this series "Back to the neighborhood page" (Photo: Santiago Suarez / Instagram)
Artist plays Pito Kanosa in the series “Back to the Neighborhood” (Photo: Santiago Suarez / Instagram)

Sirena Artis and Nicholas Wenzel

The love story between Sirena Ortiz and Nicholas Wenzel was also born on the set of the show. The long hours of shared work made me realize that something more than just a simple friendship flows between the actors, and they confirmed this on their Instagram account last September.

Who is Nicholas Wenzel?

Wenzel is a Model and actor Peru describes himself as a lover of animals and travel. During an interview with Kipling, the artist admitted that what he wants most in his career is to create emotions in those with his own body.

Sebastian’s translator is active on his social networks, in particular Instagram, Where he shares his professional projects and photos and videos of each of his travels. The affair took place between him and the actress a few years ago Flavia Laos, But became known for allegedly cheating on one of the parties after its break.

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Flavia Laos and Nicholas Wenzel on the show "Champions Challenge" (Photo: Latin)
Flavia Laos and Nicolas Wenzel on “Reto de Combions” (Photo: Latin)

“Back to Page” will end in 2021

“Some things need to be done to start something new”, Said Gijio Aranda, the architect of the successful Peruvian production in an interview . “The series ends this December, the results have already been announced, and everything is quiet; It is very sad to complete a project that has been a part of your life for so long, ”he added.

Despite overcoming various challenges such as the onset of the Covit-19 epidemic, it halted production and delayed the first screening of its fourth season. “Back to neighborhood” Ends December 2021.

“During the epidemic a daily fiction series revealed the best of the whole team behind and behind the scenes, with which I rely, with hard work and the desire to create a fun show.”, Highlighted Aranda in the said interview.

Other information about RAYSA ORTIZ

Reza Ortiz’s role in the new movie “Misfit” on Plug TV

When registering “Back to the neighborhood page“In the midst of an epidemic, Reza Ortiz got the great news that she was able to send acting for a film project. The name of this movie.”Inappropriate“It simply came to our notice then.

The first film I produced was recorded in a country other than this (Ecuador). It’s a great experience, it’s a great project for me, I’m very excited about it and I hope people like it. “, He said on the official site of America Television.

Raisa’s character in the movie “Misfit” is named Claudia. She is the leader of the group ‘The Reject’ and is a unique and very confident young woman. “I was told that it was a foreign film and I was happy to be told that the acting director had seen my photos..

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