January 27, 2023


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Hungary: United opposition in opinion polls increases its advantage over Orbán

Hungary: United opposition in opinion polls increases its advantage over Orbán

Hungary’s conservative party Fidesz has been ruling Hungary in coalition with the Christian Democratic People’s Party since 2010. Ahead of parliamentary elections in the spring of 2022, The main Hungarian opposition parties formed an alliance for the first time.

In the latest poll, a six-party coalition won 39 percent. It accepted the Fidesz-KDNP ruling by four percentage points. Compared to September’s measurement, the opposition strengthened by one percentage point and the ruling parties’ score fell by two percentage points. The difference between the two blocks is already outside the bounds of statistical error. About 23 percent. Respondents said they do not yet know who to vote for.

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Urban started his campaign

Last Saturday, a pro-government rally was held in Budapest to commemorate the 1956 anti-Soviet uprising. In a speech that kicked off the campaign, Viktor Orban accused the European Union and the United States of meddling in his country’s affairs. He said: – Brussels, as in its relationship with the Poles, turns to us and treats us as if we were enemies.

On the same day, a rally of opposition parties was organized in the Hungarian capital. During this event, he performed The united opposition candidate as prime minister in next year’s election, Peter Markie Zee. He declared that if he wins, his government will create a new constitution, crack down on corruption, implement the euro, and guarantee freedom of the media.

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The opposition has a candidate for prime minister

Petr Marki Zay, a 49-year-old non-partisan conservative, entered the Hungarian political scene three years ago when he won early municipal elections in his hometown of Hodmizovasarhli in southern Hungary. Previously, his public role was limited to the Catholic community and the local school’s parent club.

The candidate for prime minister describes himself as a “frustrated Fides man”. He says, he supported Fidesz and was deeply affected by the collapse of his first government in 2002, but over time he no longer supported this party, for example. Because of corruption in its ranks.

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Source: telex.hu, PAP

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