Pierre-Carl Pelado in Dirty Papers: Carolyn Nero Burns TVA

– Caroline Nero puts Pierre-Carl Pelado in trouble.

– The STAT series (Radio-Canada) was already eating into “Indéfendables” (TVA) ratings.

– The sulphurous Caroline Nero joins the Radio-Canada show…


– The gap between the two series will increase a little more.

– Above all..

– STAT’s first episode will rock Quebec television.

Trial priority: A key character in STAT, a medical journal that injects 1,607,000 addicts into their veins for a year, dies. Hugo Dumas wrote in La Presse.

– The program resumes from Monday, September 11.

– As journalist Hugo Dumas so aptly puts it, STAT has become a collective obsession.

The trailer shows a scene of F-N-E-Trains attended by almost all the staff at St. Vincent’s Hospital.

Whom are emergency physician Emmanuel (Suzanne Clement) and his colleagues burying, the Lord Jesus?

My spies (and them again!) whisper to me that we’ll find out in the first week of Marie-Andre Labe’s soap opera. D

Also in STAT, Carolyn Nero will portray a disturbing character who will empathize with many of the hospital center’s employees. This chic, straight and mysterious girl will appear at the end of September, it seems.

– TVA bets everything on “Indéfendables” to find revenue.

– Will the network succeed when fighting against the most popular series in Quebec, which included Caroline Néron?

– According to duty… the answer is yes..

– The battle will be fierce…

– Great Success !!!

Traditional television audiences continue to decline, but, ironically, not many Quebecers have been swayed in front of their small screen every evening at 7 p.m. The tremendous success of STAT and Indefensible dailies is a departure from all the trends seen in the industry over the years. A surprising phenomenon, but it also has its share of detractors.

STAT or UNSAFE? In September, when TVA aired a daily fiction series for the first time at the same time as Radio-Canada, the question was on everyone’s lips. But when the television season comes to an end, everyone finally emerges as the winner of this false competition fueled by all the media surrounding the two products.

According to preliminary data, both STAT and Indefensible have more than one million nightly viewers. The two soap operas are not only the most popular weekday shows on traditional television, but they have also had a lot of success.

“Diaries are an interesting type of television because most people watch them live. You can watch all four episodes over the weekend. But they have to be consumed quickly so they don’t fall behind too much. Whereas, for heavier series, people may wait longer before watching them, which means it doesn’t necessarily show up in the ratings,” Radio said. André Peraud, Canada’s first director of theater and film, explains.

Popular ratings remain the sinews of battle for both TVA and public broadcasting, which have relied on the evening daily newspaper since 1991. Marilyn, Virginie, or 30 Vice earned respectable ratings between 7:30 p.m., but below what STAT has been accustomed to for District 31 since 2016. For example, in 2006, the golden age of linear television, despite competition from the Netflix and Disney+ of this world, Virginie drew about 850,000 viewers, compared to an average of 1.3 million viewers for STAT.

This is in stark contrast to what we observe in the rest of the table. The 8pm and 9pm slots, once very popular on television, have seen their audiences erode since the advent of streaming platforms. Other than STAT and Indefensible, no other show crosses a million on weekdays.

At first glance, the success of these two series is not felt in other programming. “People no longer have the reflex to tune in to a channel and stay there all evening,” says Stéfany Boisvert, a professor at UQAM’s media school.

On TVA, the talk show La Tour has dipped below 400,000 viewers in recent weeks. A particularly low audience for the most-watched channel in Quebec, the show hosted by Gilder Roy announced in February that it would not be renewed for next fall.

One would be tempted to conclude that Indéfendable’s monster success couldn’t pull off a daily 7:30 p.m. LA tour on the TV schedule. But Nathalie Fabien, senior director of channels and programs at Groupe TVA, wants to change this cause. “It’s true what La Polis says that the audience has decreased on television. No one can say otherwise, all broadcasters are facing it. In this context, TVA is not that bad. If the total audience has decreased, we have been able to increase our market share this year. If we did not have insecurity, the audience could have decreased even more,” he said. He considers.

Some see the success of the two dailies in perspective. In an interview this winter on Quebec City’s FM93 station, actress Julie Le Breton described Quebec television as a “sausage” when she talked about STAT and Indéfendable, calling Quebec television “reduced.”

« [Les diffuseurs] Hopefully people will stick around later. They will see it and do it [re]Keep all the programs for the evening there. That’s not what’s happening! People watch it and then they “check out” on Netflix and then on Prime,” he added.

The star actress’ opinion isn’t shared by everyone, but we’ll grant her that STAT and Indefensible are shot at high speed with very modest means. On set, actors have little room for error. Perception is all too noble, and the machinations may take time to unfold.

However, on platforms, we know that Quebecers love big-budget foreign series, rather they follow the cinematography style and frenetic pace. How can you put on episodes of The Squid Game or The Last of Us while still following a daily routine of mainly filming in the studio every evening?

“These are series that cater to different needs. On platforms, there is a trend towards short series with very few episodes and people tune in very quickly. So, it’s only natural that series with characters that we follow for a long time, with whom we connect, and who interfere in our daily lives, have the opposite demand. In addition, the slow rhythm of STAT and Indéfendable makes it possible to listen lightly when you are in public transport or eating dinner, unlike heavy series that require our full attention,” notes Stéfany Boisvert. The work focuses on the television industry.

Despite the criticism, the future is smiling on the dailies, both of which have been updated for the fall. Not only do they mobilize an impressive number of viewers, but they also have the potential to reach a slightly younger than average audience, which is worth its weight in gold in the eyes of advertisers.

The median age of listeners at Radio-Canada is 55, which is closer to 50 for STAT.

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