Quebecers pay tribute to Paul Houde at the Planetarium

Quebecers are invited to pay tribute to Paul Haude as part of an intense all-day vigil at the Montreal Planetarium.

The location chosen for the event may seem unusual, but those who knew the 69-year-old Montrealer, who died suddenly on March 2, knew he was an amateur astronomer and an accomplished eclipse chaser.

Already in the morning, about fifteen people consoled the family in the planetarium.

Journalist François Gagnon, who worked with him in the 1990s at CFHL-FM, wanted to pay tribute to him.

“He was a lot of fun. He was a friendly man, he was happy to be human,” she emotionally testified.

He regrets leaving so early, a month before the total solar eclipse, when he had planned to go to Texas.

“He had everything planned. Even the location was done. He was going to see her from there…”

Gilles Proulx, a columnist for the Journal de Montreal, worked with him in private radio in his early days.

“He was a comrade-in-arms, we started our careers at the same time and we are always in touch. What I liked was his taste for surpassing himself. As a geologist, he flirted with science. On Monday, he will surely turn his eyes to the galaxy”

Anouk Lebel

Paul Hout began his career in radio, where he worked until the end of his career, participating in various programs at Radio-Canada, TVA and Télé-Québec. He is known for hosting several television shows such as Le Circle with Charles LaFortune. Thanks to his role as goalkeeper Fern in Les Boys, he was also an actor who made his mark in Quebecois.

Members of the public are invited to pay their last respects from 10 am to 2 pm and from 3 pm to 7 pm.

More details to come…

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