Putin goes hunting and sends killers.  The services created a special unit

Former Russian MP and former FSB officer Gennady Gudkov told the portal that it was difficult for the authorities to find the head of the newly created unit because there were no candidates for the position.

– Right now, we don't know what they will do, whether they will analyze us, execute agents, or kill us. “There are rumors that there is a list of people who cause the most discomfort in the Kremlin, and I was told that I am also on this list,” said Gudkov, an opposition politician in exile.

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According to him, attacks are not a difficult task for Putin's agents because they have large financial resources in Europe “with which they can buy anyone they want.”

Putin activates sleeper agents

In Godko's view, “no countries are completely safe.” He added that it is a little more difficult to carry out an attack in the UK, Germany and to some extent in France, but it is easier to commit crimes in Spain, Bulgaria, Serbia and Montenegro.

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