Pope Francis fell ill while attending.  “I haven't recovered yet.”

The Pope is still suffering from the effects of a recent respiratory infection. On Saturday, while receiving patients at the Rome Children's Hospital, he had one of his assistants read his speech. “I haven't recovered yet,” Francis said.

Pope Francis He has been suffering from a respiratory infection for three weeks. Saturday again He could not read his speech.

His colleague from the Secretariat of Foreign Affairs read the content of the letter addressed to more than three thousand patients at the Bambino Gesù Children's Hospital owned by the Vatican. Filippo Chiampanelli. – I haven't recovered yet – explained the 87-year-old Pope, who suffers from problems with his voice.

The Pope's health condition. Franciszek has been sick for several weeks

More information about the Pope's condition is worrying believers. The Holy See announced in late February that the leader of the Catholic Church had done so Mild case of influenza. Francis himself said he was suffering from bronchitis. He underwent lung tests to rule out complications.

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In a message Saturday, the pope encouraged medical staff to continue accepting children in need from all over the world, regardless of their condition. Marital status, nationality or religion. He called on them to continue their “blessed work.”

Francis also received about 200 young patients, including some from… Ukraine and Ghazi.

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