Puffs of smoke over a Russian city.  Government building on fire - O2

The dangerous event occurred in Tyumen on the morning of Saturday, June 4th. The services received a report of a fire in the warehouse where the regional authorities’ cars are stationed. The Tyumen region uses the building where the fire broke out.

Fire in Russia. The impact of the fire on 1.5 thousand. Square meters

As reported by the advertising agency RIA Novosti, another building of great regional importance is located next to the place of the fire. This is Correctional Colony #1. According to the services, about 30 service vehicles have been evacuated from the endangered garages.

According to operational data, the fire reached 1,500 square meters of the building. Fire and rescue units are still on site and working to fight the fires. There are numerous recordings of firefighting work on social media.

Fire in Russia. Services fighting fire

There is no information on the victims of Saturday’s accident. Rescuers say all staff have been evacuated, along with 13 oxygen cylinders and 2 gas cylinders. Services are now investigating possible causes of the fire. Police and an ambulance are working near the scene.

The incident in Tyumen is part of a series of mysterious fires that have broken out in the Russian Federation since the start of the war in Ukraine. In most cases, things important to the military or the economy were on fire.

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