Great Britain.  HMS Prince of Wales, the largest ship of the Royal Navy, wrecked shortly after leaving port

The propulsion system aboard the HMS Prince of Wales, one of the two largest ships in the British fleet, failed just a day after leaving port in Portsmouth, England. The ship, which was scheduled to cross the Atlantic Ocean to reach America, was stuck near the island, 20 kilometers from the base.

On August 27, HMS Prince of Wales, an aircraft carrier of Royal Navy, the British Navy, has left its home base at Portsmouth. The ship was due to cross the Atlantic Ocean to reach the port of Halifax, Canada, and from there it would continue its voyage to the Caribbean, with a stopover in New York. During the four-month flight, the unit’s crew was to participate in joint exercises with the US and Canadian navies, with the participation of F-35Bs and unmanned systems.

In Portsmouth, thousands of participants bid him farewell to the Victorious Festival, a musical event held near the port. The Sugababes’ concert was interrupted so the audience could wave to the crew leaving for the cruise.

The failure of the British Navy’s plans thwarted. It happened after the ship had traveled dozens of nautical miles. The unit is stuck near the Isle of Wight. A Royal Navy spokeswoman, citing Wells Online, said: “HMS Prince of Wales remains in the South Coast exercise area while an investigation into a mechanical issue has occurred.” The media says that the fault may be related to the driving system.

The ship was originally scheduled to leave Portsmouth the day before, on Friday. However, the cruise was slightly delayed due to technical issues. The British Navy did not specify what type of error was involved.

HMS Prince of Wales, which entered service in December 2019, together with its two-year-old twin, HMS Queen Elizabeth, is currently the largest of the Royal Navy’s ships. They make about 65 thousand homeless. tons and measure more than 280 meters. They replaced the previously towed light aircraft carriers of the indomitable class. There were 1,600 people on board when the HMS Prince of Wales left Portsmouth.

Her Majesty the Queen Elizabeth and HMS Prince of Wales in PortsmouthRob Atherton/Shutterstock

This is not the first failure of a British ship. At the end of 2020, the ship was stuck in Portsmouth after the electrical equipment on board failed due to leakage and flooding in the engine room. The Guardian reported that during the first two years of service, the aircraft carrier spent less than 90 days at sea, as a result of leaks in its hull twice within a five-month period.

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Main image source: Rob Atherton/Shutterstock

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