June 9, 2023


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Standard cheap DDR5 RAM

Standard cheap DDR5 RAM

Standard cheap DDR5 RAM

Have you planned to upgrade your computer? This is the time! Next-generation RAM modules are as cheap as never before. At least the basic specification models.

One of the novelties that Intel presented at the premiere of Alder Lake-S processors was the support for the next generation of RAM. Of course I’m talking about the standard DDR5. It offers faster clock speeds, and thus better performance in games and software. And all this with less effort, that is, less energy consumption.

While prices are dropping, DDR5 is still more expensive than DDR4

Unfortunately, as with new products, there is also a problem here. Or even two, closely related to each other. The availability of DDR5 RAM modules was originally very low, and the prices were ridiculously high. Fortunately, they are already available in stores in various formats and from many manufacturers.

According to the German editorial board, computer base DDR5 RAM prices in Europe have fallen dramatically. With more than 200 different combinations available for sale, these are the basic variants like 2x 16 GB DDR5-4800 CL 40 can be purchased for 154 euros, which corresponds to about 706 zlotys.

Standard cheap DDR5 RAM

So it gives us a slightly lower price 5 euros for 1 GB. For comparison at the end of 2021 we were talking about 15 euros for 1 GB. The cuts apply to both desktop and laptop memory.

It must be assumed that we will experience further drops in the price of DDR5 RAM modules. The lowest and most efficient base price will always be included. Producers, distributors and stores have more and more modules in stock. Everyone is preparing for the second half of this year, when new processors will appear on the market – Intel Raptor Lake-S (Support DDR4 and DDR5) and AMD Ryzen 7000 (DDR5 support only).

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Image source: Telepolis, ComputerBase

Text source: ComputerBase