Biden and Schulz’s secret plan.  “They want to convince Ukraine to talk to Russia”

About the newly developed Strategy of the Western powers Bild discovered this through its sources in government departments. According to information published by a German newspaper, Ukraine’s allies want to place it in “A strategically advantageous negotiating position.”From which Kiev must join peace talks with the aggressor.

The strategy of Joe Biden and Olaf Schulz. They want negotiations between Kyiv and Moscow

Olaf Scholz and Joe Biden’s plan is not to put diplomatic pressure on Ukraine. Naturally, the talks between neighboring countries will concern the “sovereignty and territorial integrity” of the country ruled by Volodymyr Zelensky. Representatives of the German government stressed that this issue exists “Coordinated by the White House and the Counsel’s Office.”

“At the same time, Washington and Berlin were stressed They do not intend to persuade directly “President of Ukraine to start negotiations,” Onyan said, citing information from the Bild newspaper. How can Zelensky agree to any talks with Putin, even if allies are trying to do so?

The agenda of Western leaders and the bargaining chip is to supply weapons

The United States and Germany are among the largest suppliers of weapons and military equipment to war-torn Ukraine. This was the situation that the leaders decided to use in their strategy.

Sources indicate that Kiev will receive specific weapons in quantities such as: It will allow the Ukrainian Armed Forces to maintain the front linebut It will not guarantee the possibility of recovering the occupied territories By the Russian Federation.

– Zelenskyy must realize that this cannot continue. Without any external claims. He must go to his nation of his own free will and explain to it that negotiations are necessary, says a source from the German government.

Biden and Schultz were not the first. There was also talk about the “Korean scenario.”

Just a few days ago, another external proposal to start peace talks between Ukraine and Russia emerged. Admiral James Stavridis, in an article published on Bloomberg, compared the situation of Ukraine and South Korea. According to the former commander of NATO forces in Europe, Kiev should follow the example of the way the country ended the war with North Korea.

The US military also believes that leads to Peace talks and suspension of warEven if it does not officially end, it will be beneficial for Ukraine – during this time the country can focus its attention on rebuilding the economy.

The next element in the plan presented by the Admiral would be to obtain security guarantees from the Western Allies. Including NATO membership.

Source: Unian, Interia

“Events”: Political dispute over the Volhynian Massacre Museum/Polsat News/Polsat News

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