Prime Minister Donald Tusk talks about the site of Poland's first nuclear power plant

Prime Minister Donald Tusk said that an audit is underway to verify whether the location chosen for the first nuclear power plant is optimal.

– If we want to effectively move away from coal and dirty energy, it is known that renewable sources alone are not enough – said Tusk, adding that nuclear energy is a necessity.

On behalf of a nuclear power plant in Poland

– There will certainly be a heated debate for some time about whether the location is the happiest, but the experts should have an opinion here. If it turns out that there is no other option and this is the optimal location, close to Choczew, we will continue to invest. “At the moment, we are conducting a quick audit and checking whether this site is optimal,” the Prime Minister said in a press conference.

When asked when the Commissioner for Strategic Energy Infrastructure will be appointed, he replied: – We will decide next week whether the relevant ministries will deal with him or we will retain the position of Commissioner. If the arguments in favor of retaining this position prevail, the name of the person who will take over the position will be known next week.

At the end of September 2023, Polskie Elektrownie Jądrowe signed a contract with the American consortium Westinghouse-Bechtel to design the first Polish nuclear power plant in Pomerania. According to the schedule of the Polish nuclear power program, the first unit of this power plant will be launched in 2033.

In return, Poland's second nuclear power plant will be built as a joint project between PGE PAK Energia Jądrowa and the Korean company KHNP. It is scheduled to be built in 2035 in Konin-Pątnów in the Konin Municipality in Greater Poland, in the areas adjacent to the existing power plant of the ZE PAK Group.

Nuclear power plant Bab/Maria Samchuk

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