Each pole 30 has savings of more than 100,000. zlotys

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– We have prepared the Examination Index Report because we want the Poles to have higher financial awareness and knowledge that will allow them to better manage investment risks. Better education in finance will have a positive impact on economic growth, says ukasz Blichewicz, president of the Assay Group, in an interview with MarketNews24.

A study commissioned by the Assay Group, which looks at investments in the future of Polish start-ups, was used to develop a new “Polish Investment Readiness Index”. It consists of three components: experience, potential, and beliefs. In 2021, the indicator based on a number of variables in Poland was 33, on a scale from 0 to 100 (where 100 is obtained by the person who can be called “the most willing to invest”). A similar indicator is found in Western European countries at a much higher level, up to about 50-60, and in Scandinavia up to 70.

The experience component, related to savings and investment behavior, has the lowest value among Poles (only 22 out of 100). Next comes the potential indicator, which is understood as openness to investment (28 out of 100). With a certain amount of optimism, it is possible to look at the matter at a much higher level of the faith component, that is, the attitude towards investment tools and investment in general (49 out of 100). This result means that the Poles, despite their relatively little experience in investing, are characterized by complete openness and positive beliefs about this method of managing surplus funds. At the same time, every fifth Polar believes that investments are for risk takers.

What is the result of this investment picture of the pole? As the examination index shows, the willingness to invest among Poles is twice as high as the real opportunity. At the same time, up to 58 percent. The Poles are convinced that in order to invest, one must have a lot of knowledge about finance and economics. The second potential barrier is the belief that you need a lot of money to invest. 38 percent However, respondents are of the opinion that even without large sums, you can start investing. It is optimistic that this belief is shared primarily by young Poles.

– The Poles are afraid of new forms of investment and the problem is the perception of our investment potential – explains Łukasz Blichewicz, head of the examination group. – Because of the fear of investment risks, we often decide to keep our savings in the form of cash at home, which gradually weaken in case of high inflation.

Saving in Poland does not go hand in hand with investment – only 16 percent. Of our compatriots admit that he actively invests the money he saved, apart from the currently unprofitable bank deposits. They often invest in mutual fund units, shares of WSE companies, treasury and corporate bonds, and sometimes also in alternative investment firms.

The screening index survey was conducted by Ariadna’s nationwide research team on a nationwide representative sample of 1,124 Poles. In addition, a separate survey was conducted on a group of 678 investors (currently investors and potential investors).

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