Celebrity greengrocers are intimidating with high prices.  You have to pay up to PLN 20 for cauliflower!

Inflation affects Poles. The continuous rise in electricity, gas or fuel prices affects food prices. It has long been known that vegetables and fruits can be bought in discount stores or supermarkets at the cheapest prices. However, these products are often not of high quality – the tomatoes do not even smell like a greenhouse, and the fruits may be overripe. That’s why many people sometimes choose to shop at traditional green groceries — places where you can buy only the highest quality foods, often from local suppliers.

In September 2022 we visited the “U actora” vegetable store run by Marcin Rogacewicz, and at the beginning of February we wrote about Nina Tyrki’s Zieleniak na Wilanów. Either way, the receipts surprised the editorial office even then. After some time, I decided to visit both stores again and see how the prices have changed. I was ready for a raise, but one place really surprised me. Unfortunately, negatively. I didn’t think you could pay PLN 20 for 1 vegetable! Wait a little, and you’d better sit down, for the prices I’m going to ask might scare you. What about the quality of vegetables? I will tell you about it.

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Zieleniak na Wilanów, directed by Nina Tyrka

At the beginning of February, I described to you a visit to Nina Terka’s shop. Less than two months later, I went there again – one thing hasn’t changed – the number of buyers. This time I came to Wilanów on Saturday. Despite the late hour, there were still plenty of products in the grocery storeAnd one of the shop assistants treated customers with homemade salmon paste. The vegetables and fruits, just like last time, were so fresh – it was impossible to fault their quality or colour.. But let’s go back to the prices. I wrote this recently:

Natalia Volniewich / Oneh

Vegetables at “Zieleniak na Wilanów”

How are the prices now? Less than two months later, the price of broccoli increased by PLN 2 – I paid PLN 15 for 1 vegetable. By the way potatoes It became cheaper – 4 PLN per kilogram. In the photos in the previous article you can see that Paprika cost 18 PLN per kilogram – now 27 PLN. This is not the end of the changes. Last time tomatoes cost money 40 PLN per kilogram – Now PLN 32. Pears have not changed their price – I still need a kilogram Pay 10 PLNkiwi also did not become more expensive – It costs 6.5 PLN per itemlikewise and zucchini – PLN 18 per kg. You don’t have to pay extra for apples either. its price 6 PLN per kg.

vegetables in "Zieleniak in Wilanow" Natalia Volniewich / Oneh

Vegetables at “Zieleniak na Wilanów”

vegetables in "Zieleniak in Wilanow" Natalia Volniewich / Oneh

Vegetables at “Zieleniak na Wilanów”

Grocery store “Representative” – ​​the biggest surprise

We visited Marcin Rogacewicz’s store again after half a year. A small building that says “Grocery at the Actor’s” is located in Wola. in. At 1:30pm on a Saturday it was deserted, and there was a clerk waiting behind the counter for customers – too bad he wasn’t the owner! The first thing that caught my eye…the low prices. I had to ask the employee about literally everything – it was really weird. At some point, I heard that there are no price tags in the store, because “Prices change quickly.”. The quality of the products was really good, but I don’t think they should cost that much. Here you don’t even need comparisons to see that it is really expensive.

Products in the vegetable garden "at the representative" Natalia Volniewich / Oneh

Products in the “Actor’s” grocery store

I immediately wrote down the prices I heard from the seller in my notebook. Now attention, please focus. You have to pay per kg of zucchini 22 zlotysPepper 35 PLNtomatoes 45 PLNAnd for raspberry tomatoes 38 zlotys. However, the real record holder is yet to come – One cauliflower costs PLN 20. It is much more expensive than in a store in Wilanów. At the grocery store, I decided to buy zucchini and sweet potatoes – I paid 14 PLN for everything. I think I’ve got dry lime to wipe away my tears by shopping – as the salesman put it, ‘for tea’. The vegetables bought there were tasty, but I didn’t notice that they were any better than those bought at the discount store or at the market.

Vegetable seller "at the representative" Natalia Volniewich / Oneh

Grocery store “at the representative”

The “U Actor” grocery store is probably the most expensive grocery store I’ve ever been to. It’s also strange that the products lack price tags – if someone doesn’t ask the price in time, they might be surprised at the checkout. “Zieleniak na Wilanów” raised prices slightly, but many products cost about the same as they did two months ago. Perhaps that is why the second store is still popular, and the bazaar in Wola does not draw amazing crowds.

Vegetable seller "at the representative" Natalia Volniewich / Oneh

Grocery store “at the representative”

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