Electricity for the coming year is the most expensive in history.  Russia on the one hand, climate on the other
  • Energy prices for next year in Poland reached 1.6 thousand. PLN per megawatt-hour, while last year it was PLN 360
  • In Europe, these prices are still about a thousand. TOP PLN
  • The main causes are gas and coal supply problems, but the impact of climate and drying up of rivers is also increasing
  • However, there are difficulties in reaching ships on the horizon
  • More such information can be found on the home page of Onet.pl

The portal has conducted a detailed analysis of the situation in the energy market in Europe Wysokienapiecie.pl. There are no good conclusions from it. “The price of electricity in Poland with delivery in 2023 has increased to PLN 1,635 / MWh, compared to PLN 360 / MWh paid for this year 12 months ago. This is the highest price ever paid in Poland for a contract to supply energy next year“- We read.

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