Prices in the Faroe Islands are astronomical.  Show “Horror Receipt” – O2

The Faroe Islands are becoming an increasingly popular tourist destination. The guidebooks describing this country are concerned not only with the beautiful landscapes there, but also with… the high prices everywhere. Unfortunately, the fans who decided to go to the Polish national team match on Thursday can see for themselves.

According to the reports of Przemyslaw Oviar, a journalist at “Super Express”, we can talk about real “receipts of horror”. The representative of the daily newspaper reported that in Thorshavn – the capital of the country – for a two-course dinner with a drink in a restaurant serving traditional Faroese dishes, you can pay up to 500 PLN!

Therefore, it seems natural that many Polish fans visiting the Faroe Islands on the occasion of the Whites-Reds match will be looking for savings in the form of, for example, cooking on their own. However, a visit to the supermarket can also make you feel dizzy. “Super Express reports that the price of a regular loaf of bread in the Faroe Islands can cost up to PLN 23.

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The prices of other basic food items also demonstrate the high prices that are widespread in this country. According to the results of “Super Express”. A cube of cheese costs about PLN 13, and a small packet of ham costs more than PLN 7. A carton of milk costs 8 PLN, a stick of butter 13 PLN, and tomatoes are sold in pieces (about 2 PLN each). A bottle of water costs PLN 8.

Super Express also checked the cost of snacks that fans like to eat during the match. It turns out that potato chips in the Faroe Islands cost at least PLN 12.50, and a large bottle of Coca-Cola costs PLN 17.50. Although Poles are already accustomed to the rapidly increasing prices in our country, those prevailing in the Faroe Islands certainly surprised many fans.

The match between Poland and the Faroe Islands will start on Thursday at 20:45. This will be the first match during the term of the new national team coach, Michel Proppers. Wanting to maintain the chance of qualifying directly for next year’s European Championship, the Whites and Reds cannot afford to drop points.

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